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{ B l o g m a s :: day twelve }

I've finished my Christmas shopping!! And as I mentioned in my 'Why I'm Buying Second-Hand Gifts' post, what I didn't buy second-hand I wanted to source from small businesses. Instead of buying Luke's mum a Yankee Candle like we do most years I placed an order with Bloom Candles and today I'm here to rave about them!

Bloom Candles is owned and run by a girl named Olivia, who hand-pours each candle using vegan-friendly paraffin wax. She offers jar candles as well as wax melts, wax blocks and reed diffusers. Her products are so incredibly affordable with prices starting at just 99p! I bought a candle for myself, one for Luke, one for Luke's mum and two little wax melts for my friend.

Here's what I ordered:
1 x Candy Jar Candle (£5.99)
1 x White Jasmine Jar Candle (£5.99)
1 x Rainbow Surprise Jar Candle (£5.99)
2 x Cinnamon & Apple Wax Pops (99p each)

With my order I also received three wax pop samples! The scents were Pear & Fressia, Coconut & Lime and Fig & Cassis.
So far I've burned my candle, Candy, and the Pear & Fressia wax pop and ohmygod. They're incredible. Candy is a very sweet fruity scent featuring notes of raspberry, orange and vanilla. I basically smells like fruit salad sweets which is right up my street and the throw of it is amazing. I've been burning it in my room every evening whilst I'm planning in my journal and the scent is continuously lovely. You know how sometimes you'll burn a candle but you'll get used to the smell and it disappears really quickly? I didn't find this with Candy at all. It becomes less powerful after a few burns but it's still lovely.
The Pear & Fressia wax pop has a very fresh, crisp, sweet scent featuring notes of conference pear, patchouli and amber. I'm currently burning it in my living room and again the throw of scent is just amazingggg. The pops are quite thick and chunky so I cut mine in half and have shared it between oil burners which helps broaden the scents reach, I think. It's very powerful for such a small amount of wax! On the third round of burning I did find the scent mellowed a lot and became incredibly subtle but this is after at least 6 hours of burning altogether.

I can't tell you much about the others are they're all gifts, but I can say that they all smell incredible. The Rainbow Surprise is for Luke and has a scent of Mango Sorbet which is mouth-watering. The White Jasmine is for Luke's mum which smells incredibly floral and fresh but the little hint of mint lightens it a lot. Of all of the wax pops the scent I like the most is the Pear & Fressia, although I am rather taken the Coconut Lime. I won't find out how this one burns, though, because it's going to my friend!

I'm definitely going to be shopping for candles from Bloom Candles from now on - they're just as good (if not better) than Yankees and it's always nice to support a small business. The delivery was quick and the packaging is all bio-degradable - a company after my own heart, no? Their cut-off date for Christmas delivery is the 18th of December so be sure to put in your order asap if you're interested!


  1. Oh I love the sound of these! And how gorgeous does the rainbow one look!

  2. I always try to buy from small businesses when I can, thanks for introducing me! That rainbow candles looks flipping amazing and the fact that it's mango scented just makes it all the more perfect! They all look so sleek as well, like they'd make great decor in any room.


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