My Nose Piercing Experience | The First Week

Well, this is a post I never thought I'd be writing. That's mostly because I never thought I would actually ever be sitting here with a piece of metal stuck in my nose, but there you go. Yes - if you follow me on any social media (literally any, I didn't shut up about it) you will know that on the 10th of June I got my nose pierced! *cue confetti and streamers* I thought it might be helpful/interesting to document and share what happened within the first week of having it done - both the good, the bad and the downright disgusting. I will just point out now: some details of this post are gonna be pretty gross, and I'm going to be talking about blood and needles and snot. So if you're a little sensitive (I know I am, and I lived through it blehhh) then feel free to click off of this post. Also just a little note: I'm typing this up pretty much exactly as I wrote it in my phone, so I'm going to be talking in present tense even though it happened ages ago.. I hope that's not too confusing.

10th June.
7pm. Sat with the piercer, preparing for the piercing. She's cleansed the outside of my nose with some horrific smelling alcohol wipe and is dotting where the piercing will be with a black pen. I mention that I'm planning on swapping the stud out for a ring once it's healed, so she alters the position of the dot slightly.
7.08pm. Piercing is done. It hurt as much as you would expect a needle being shoved through your nose would hurt, but it wasn't PAINFUL. I'd give it maybe a 5/10. My piercer used a clamp to hold my nose, then she pushed the needle through slightly, waited half a second, then shoved it through entirely. She then snipped the end of the needle off (which I assume was plastic? I have no idea, I was too scared to look).
7.09pm. Feel sick, dizzy, shaky and sweaty. The piercer lies me back on the bed whilst my heart races like crazy. It's just the adrenaline, she tells me, it's nothing to worry about and to just take some deep breaths. As you can imagine I was not having ANY fun at this point - in fact I was bloody terrified. The piercer gives me a lolly for the sugar and hands me a cup of water. It takes me maybe 10 minutes before I can sit up again, and the first time I tried (about 5 minutes in) my head started spinning again. Once I'm sat up, she lies me back down to insert the piercing. I didn't realise this at the time, but I still had the needle through my nose. The piercing being inserted did hurt, but it was more annoying than painful.
8.23pm. At home now, showing everyone my snazzy new piercing. My nose is sore and hurting, but it's only a dull pain. I'm constantly flaring my nose because I'm so aware of it being there!
11th June.
11.15am. Pain is virtually non-existent. Still feels strange but it's not bothering me. Can't yawn though because that really hurts and I'm scared the stud is going to come flying out of my nose, or something. No swelling or irritation or redness. Sleeping last night was okay, I found that it didn't hurt badly if I slept on the piercing side, but it was more comfortable to sleep on my left. Don't know if that's all in my head, but you know.
1.21pm. Just realised that the inside of my nose is clogged up with dry blood. It's slightly swollen now but not alarmingly so.
3.48pm. My piercing began to bleed a little. It was pooled around the piercing and began to stream down the side of my nose a little bit. I asked on Twitter for advice but didn't do anything until I checked with my piercer. Both she & Twitter advised me to get some cooled hot water and to mix it with sea salt. I used cotton buds and cotton pads to gently ease away the dried blood. It didn't hurt outside at all but was a little tender on the inside. The blood just came away in little flakes.
12th June.
12.32pm. Piercing bled a little overnight so I cleared that up just now using salted warm water again. What swelling there was has gone down completely and I'm not as aware of the stud being there as I was yesterday. Have had to clear out the inside of my nose with salt water and dry cotton buds as annoyingly I've developed a cold! It's pretty gross having to scoop out your own snot, but I'm more worried about keeping things clean. I'm getting slight twinges in my nose, but they're more annoying than painful.
13th June.
1pm. Little blood around the piercing again when I woke up, slight uncomfortableness as if I'd knocked it in my sleep or something. Slight swelling again today.
9.36pm. Started bleeding randomly again. Not badly but it's all around the stud and it's annoying me because I know it's there. I've been getting some small twinges but again they're not painful, just uncomfortable.
14th June.
11am. Woke up this morning with no blood! It doesn't hurt too bad when I yawn at the moment, either. Feels less tender today, and less swollen. Still getting those small, annoying twinges but they're getting better. Oh, and I can sneeze without pain too!
17th June.
9pm. It's been exactly one week since I got my nose pierced. It doesn't hurt 99% of the time now, and when it does it's more annoying than painful. I mostly forget that it's there now! I can't really feel it in my nose anymore, especially on the inside where-as before I was constantly aware. It hasn't bled since the 13th which is great, and all swelling has gone down entirely. There was a little yellow crustiness around it this morning, but I simply wiped it away with a cotton bud. After a lot of research online, apparently this is normal and nothing to worry about as infections have different symptoms. Yawning is still a little uncomfortable, and sneezing is a nervous experience mostly because I've heard horror stories about how peoples studs have shot out of their nose during a sneeze! I can sleep on both sides and it's not painful or uncomfortable, although every now and then it throbs a little if I sleep on my right side. It has been quite itchy the past few days, but not excessively so.
I would 100% say that every second of pain and feeling uncomfortable has been truly worth it for my nose piercing! I think that it looks SO pretty, and it has done amazing things for my confidence. I can't wait to swap it out for a nose ring! I honestly wish that I'd had it done sooner. If you have any questions about my piercing/piercing experience, feel free to drop me an email ( or tweet me @whatlaaurendid and I'll get back to you! I might even do a little piercing Q&A if anyone would like that!


  1. I actually love the look of nose piercings, although I reckon one would look pretty weird on my face. Looks nice on yours though. After reading this post, it does sound a little gross, but just as expected I guess - I mean, you've just stuck a hold in your nose. Congrats on your nose piercing and I love the fact that you said it's done wonders for your confidence. Can't wait till you can swap it for a ring!

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Your piercing looks great! I may just get mine done soon!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. I like it! This definitely makes me feel a bit better about wanting to get my nose pierced.

    1. Thank you! Aw I'm glad that this post helped a little! (:

  4. Looks awesome on you! I've wanted mine done for a while but I tend to change my mind about things a lot so not sure!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. Thank you! I'm usually sooo bad with changing my mind about things, but I haven't regretted having it done once! x

  5. I got my nose pierced in February and i totally agree that the grossness and painfulness is worth it! I definitely recommend nose bone studs, do not buy screw studs they are painful!


    1. I'm not sure what stud I have in at the moment actually, I've heard that screw studs are safer but I was too scared to look at what the piercer was doing to check what kind of stud it is! Thank you for the recommendation! x

    2. It is probably a nose screw (I had one too) as they're what piercers usually use, but once you've taken that out and changed it i don't recommend using them again! x

  6. This looks awesome! It sounds like it went pretty well, glad it is starting to heal smoothly now :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  7. I think I'm too much of a wimp to get it done, maybe one day!

    Anika |

    1. Honestly, I am the biggest wimp ever but it didn't hurt too bad! x

  8. It really suits you! I've always wanted my nose done but don't think it would suit me at all aha. Interesting to see how your healing process was though!

  9. It really suits you! I've always wanted my nose done but don't think it would suit me at all aha. Interesting to see how your healing process was though!

  10. Omg why did it bleed so much?! Poor you :( mine barely bled when I got it done! And how comes you got so shaky? Have you never had a piercing before? I swore really loudly and the whole shop heard me haha! And I managed to knock mine out two days later and nose piercings heal up so fecking fast that I couldn't get it back in... so back I went another two days later haha, luckily they did it for free the second time 'cos I brought back the stud that fell out :'D getting my nose done was less hassle than getting my ears pierced which still get easily irritated even though it's been ten years! Maybe 'cos I wear shitty ear rings haha... xo
    amber love

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  12. I just got my nose pierced and I noticed I have blood on both sides I been cleaning it with the stuff the guy gave me and he told me to use paper towel not cotton balls or qtips I feel it would get cleaner if I used cotton balls or qtips what would you suggest its a bit sore and now I noticed I'm getting sick so I don't want it to get infection I love my stud

  13. Just got my nose pierced today and was freaking out a little because it is so sore right now as I lie in bed to try to fall asleep. Your post made me feel way better, nice to know these symptoms are all normal - thank you!!

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