Little Ways to Self Care 02 | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, volume three }

It's only volume three of Self-Care Sunday but I'm already beginning to feel the benefits of starting this series! I have a little section in my notebook where I jot down 1-2 ways I've practiced self-care each day and it's always something I think about during the day. Now that I've set myself the target of sharing every other week (or however often I post these) I feel I'm holding myself responsible to make sure I self-care so I, in turn, can prompt you to do the same. This practice what you preach malarkey is doing me the world of good!

Seven little ways I've practised self-care this week...

Anime | What I've Watched So Far

Considering I'm a massive pain in the ass when it comes to watching new TV shows and things, I watched four new animes last year. I know that doesn't seem a lot but considering I watch things over and over again I could only get so far...

Current Cruelty-Free Favourites

It's been a while since I shared some favourites with you so today I'm gonna talk about a few of my current favourite cruelty-free beauty bits. Four of them I received for Christmas and have used pretty much every day since and two of them are items I've been using for a while but haven't gotten around to raving about yet.

4 Ways To Boost Positivity in 2017 | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, volume two }

Something I struggle to maintain is the feeling of positivity. I'm not sure if it's just a bad habit or if it's a trait hard-wired into my DNA but I can be quite a negative, cynical person and I know it's hurting me a lot more than it's helping. Over the next few years I hope to take significant steps towards becoming a more positive person and today, for my next instalment of Self-Care Sunday, I thought I'd share a few little things I'll be trying this year to aid that.

The Happy List 11

In order to make way for my new Self Care Sunday series I've had to go back to the drawing board regarding my Sunday Posts. On the one hand I like keeping track of things that happen through-out the month in those little posts but on the other hand I really don't get up to a lot and I felt like I was repeating myself a lot of the time. Instead I've decided to bring back my Happy Lists in order to still share some of the lovely things that happen without being bogged down with 'I still can't leave the house'.

Little Ways to Self Care 01 | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, episode one }
I've been thinking a lot about self care recently. January is always a particularly difficult month for a lot of people - it's dark, it's rainy, it's cold, we don't have Christmas to look forward to... - and although I've been doing pretty well, I've also had a few key appointments to go through / look forward to so I've been feeling a little down and on edge. To combat this I've been practicing a lot of self-care and it inspired me (along with a quick Twitter poll) to document it more often on my blog. And so: Self Care Sunday was born! I do love a good blog series and although I'm a little late starting I thought it might be a nice one to run through 2017. It co-insides with my 2017 goals rather well, too!

Pokemon Moon

I received a copy of Pokémon Moon for Christmas (thanks Nan!) and now that I've logged a decent amount of hours in game play I thought I'd share my thoughts so far on the game and the new region, Alola.

Mini Charity Shop Haul

On Wednesday my Dad & I had our first adventure day of the year and we decided to go charity shopping. You all know that charity shopping is one of my favourite things to do - I even bought most of my Christmas presents from them last year! - and it's especially fun after New Year because a lot of people will have de-cluttered after Christmas and showered their local charity shops with goodies for me to buy!

Hello 2017

Hello 2017!