Pokemon Moon

I received a copy of Pokémon Moon for Christmas (thanks Nan!) and now that I've logged a decent amount of hours in game play I thought I'd share my thoughts so far on the game and the new region, Alola.

The game makers creators made it pretty clear over the past few months that Pokémon Sun & Moon were going to be different than any of the previous generations in terms of gameplay and they weren't lying! One of the main differences is the lack of Gyms and that all-important Elite Four battle at the end of the game - instead you travel across four islands completing Trials and battling the Island Elders. I like Alola as a region, it feels quite holiday-ish which is a refreshing change. I wouldn't want the rest of the games to be like this because I prefer the structure but as a one off game it's nice.

One of the biggest issues I have with Pokémon Moon is the alarming amount of story involved. There's a hell of a lot of stopping and starting, it's v story orientated this time which I don't like. Just when I get in the swing of playing I'm dragged into another section of the story and it's kind of annoying. I said when I started playing that if my starter was a male I'd restart to try and get a girl but it ended up taking for-frickin-ever to get started and there was no way I was going through it all again in a hurry. I do think this is one game I won't play a second time (I usually play Pokémon games 2-3 times because I like to use different teams) because it just takes so bloody long. And don't even get me started on Professor Kukui and Team Skull. They're downright embarrassing. I get they're trying to keep up with ~ the kids these days ~ but I found it a little too pop culture. Pokémon games are supposed to be classic, and I found that the dialogue from Team Skull and the Professor - as well as other aspects of the gameplay - too current for my tastes.
{ Current team // Misdreavus, Growlithe, Trumbeak, Cutiefly, Brionne & Petilil. }

That being said, I LOVE the Pokémon available in this game. I pride myself on having a team full of adorable / pretty Pokémon and I'm almost overwhelmed with choice! I started with Popplio - have you seen the mermaid-like final evolution?? - and also have a Growlithe, Petilil, Misdreavus, Cutiefly and a Trumbeak. I especially like the Bug / Grass types available in this game as a lot of them are Fairy type which I think are the prettiest of all Pokémon.

On the more technical side of things, I love the graphics and the music but I'm having a little trouble with the layout of the battle options in-battle. I just prefer the old system of having the four available moves set out in a quad on the lower screen, but I'm sure I'll get used to it over time. Another thing I like is the inclusion of the 'Pokémon Refresh' feature. Maybe it's the cruelty-free vegetarian in me but I think it's nice that kids can now actually care for their Pokémon post-battle. I think it'll help them to realise creatures (whether they're real or fictional) need to be loved and cared for. Do I sound like a knob? I think I sound like a knob. Oh well.

Have you played Pokémon Moon? Do you like the game style or do you prefer battling Gyms?


  1. I bought Pokemon Moon when it came out and have yet to finish it! I do agree there is too much of a story fir my liking. It's one of the reasons why I haven't completed the game! I also have a Cutiefly and Brionne on mt team! lol ♥


  2. I love playing Pokemon but sun/moon has just annoyed me and I felt like I was the only one. I just want to have the freedom to catch Pokemon but I feel like I'm being forced towards the end of the game. I'm yet to use a Z-move in a battle so I don't see the point in them, give me gym badges any day. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. This generation has annoyed me beyond belief! I've not even created a party of any semblance yet because I'm struggling to get onboard with the story as well as through the story in the game. I miss Gyms dammit! Having said that, the anime is SO good ;)


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