Current Cruelty-Free Favourites

It's been a while since I shared some favourites with you so today I'm gonna talk about a few of my current favourite cruelty-free beauty bits. Four of them I received for Christmas and have used pretty much every day since and two of them are items I've been using for a while but haven't gotten around to raving about yet.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner.
Price: £7.50 for 250ml, £3.50 for 60ml | Available from The Body Shop.

I received an entire new skincare routine for Christmas (thanks momma!) but bizarrely, my favourite item to use is the Aloe Calming Toner. I used to use the Superdrug Vitamin E Toning Mist which was great at hydrating but rubbish at actually making my pores tighten and toning my skin. When I use this I can literally feel my skin tense (not in an uncomfortable way!) and it's really helped to even out my skin-tone. My pores have reduced in size since using this, too, which is great because they were humongous before. Eek!

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in Porcelain & Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.
GOSH | Price: £7.99 | Available from Superdrug & Boots.
RT Sponge | Price: £5.99 | Available from Superdrug & Boots.

I feel like I can't talk about foundation without reminding you all how much I detest wearing it. No matter how light and BB-Cream-like it is I guarantee I will feel it on my skin as if it were one of those horrific sheet masks. So heavy! So uncomfortable! Howeverrrr my Mum got me the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for Christmas (she was on a roll with fab beauty gifts last year) and using it damp with this foundation is heavenly. I have quite dry skin and I've always found that working foundation in with a brush would make it cling and catch on the flaky bits, which is something that I completely avoid when using this sponge! It makes the foundation a lot less heavy which isn't great in terms of coverage but I'd rather have light coverage and an even skin-tone than full coverage and feel uncomfortable. (For the record, when used with a brush the GOSH foundation is pretty heavy-duty!)
Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara.
Price: £3.30 | Available from Wilkos.

I feel like the Essence mascaras received a fair bit of hype last year but I always saw people talk about the False Lash Effect one which I don't like. It's far too wet and smudges like mad. The Volume mascara is a lot nicer! It's the best cruelty-free mascara I've ever used, and trust me I've tried a fair few. If you're in the market for a budget-friendly mascara that achieves thick, long, volumised lashes then check this one out fo' sho'. Seriously, it costs like £3.
Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour Concealer in Light.
Price: £2.50 | Available from Wilkos.

Since Superdrug discontinued my favourite B. concealer I've been on a mission to replace it, which turned out to be quite difficult. I've really pale so I struggle to find concealers light enough for me that are also creamy and high coverage but that also don't cost me the world. This Essence concealer does a pretty good job of covering my hefty under-eye bags, especially when paired with the Real Techniques sponge. It's definitely a concealer you need to work in with a brush or sponge rather than using your fingers otherwise it goes mega patchy.  

Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo.
Price: £5.75 for 100g | Available from Lush.

Aaaand this wouldn't be a What Lauren Did Today favourites post if I didn't forget to photograph something, right? This time it's the I Love Juicy shampoo by Lush. I'm a religious user of the Lush shampoo bars - Seanik is my favourite - but my Dad got me this shampoo for Christmas so I thought I'd try it out and omgggg. I love it. It's a pretty heavy-duty shampoo so I wouldn't recommend it for daily use as it's incredibly cleansing. I use it once a week to remove product build up (I spray my hair with sea salt spray after washing) and it does a great job. It does leave my hair a little too squeaky clean sometimes and you definitely need to use a conditioner afterwards but I'll definitely be repurchasing! Also - the scent. I'm all about fruity scents and this one is like papaya and pineapple sherbert. Yum.

What are your current cruelty-free faves?


  1. Definitely going to check some of these products out! Didn't realise that some of them were cruelty-free too, definitely going to have to have a deeper look in my beauty bag and see what is/isn't cruelty-free.

    Fatima x

  2. Love the post! Didn't realise that wilkos did cruelty free so will def check out and that lush shampoo sounds amazing I need to treat myself to this! �� xx

  3. Ooh I absolutely love the body shop for skincare, I recently started using the aloe toner as well and i've noticed such a difference in my skin! It feels so soft and nice! I've been looking for a new mascara recently, so I'm definitely going to give the Essence one a try, especially at that price!

  4. I went cruelty free this year so I love all the recommendations! ♥

  5. You can't go wrong with the GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation! It's my go-to cruelty free foundation that just works for everyone. I didn't know that essence were cruelty free though, that's something new :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. Lush seem to do the best cleansing shampoos - I've been using Big and it's great for a weekly hair detox! I might try I Love Juicy next though because I love the smell of pineapple. The Aloe toner sounds lovely and I'm loving The Body Shop's new style of packaging! xx



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