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Considering I'm a massive pain in the ass when it comes to watching new TV shows and things, I watched four new animes last year. I know that doesn't seem a lot but considering I watch things over and over again I could only get so far...

The two things I love most about anime is the visual beauty of it and how passionate and emotion-fuelled it is. Arguably sometimes characters fall into emotion too quickly and easily to seem realistic but they love and hate with such passion it's impossible not to get swept up in it.

I'm not considering Pokémon in this list because I've been watching that forever (like, when it was first released I would tape episodes with my cassette player) although my favourite regions are Johto and Sinnoh, if you're wondering.
(I can't find the source for this gif so pls let me know if you do and I'll remove / credit it.)

Sword Art Online.
Favourite character: Kirito and Asuna. Duh.
English dub? Yes.
The phrase 'saving the best til last' certainly doesn't apply to Sword Art Online. It was the first anime I watched and spoiler - it's my favourite. Sword Art Online is about a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) kind of similar to Runescape that uses virtual reality software to play. In short, the players get trapped in the game and the only way to escape is to defeat the bosses on each level and completing the game. Oh and if you die in-game you die IRL. There's adorable romance, exciting and visually stunning battles and lots of in-game dramz. Even if you're not into gaming I still think this anime is easy to get into!

Attack on Titan.
Soon after finishing SAO Luke and I moved onto Attack On Titan which I was vaguely aware of after watching one of Danisnotonfire's videos. I'll be honest with you: I didn't make it past episode two of this anime. It's honestly so stressful to watch and there's not a glimmer of happiness! Luke loved it and I've heard the character development and storytelling is superb but I'm just not about skinless giants that eat people, okay?
Your lie in April.
Favourite character: Kaori.
English dub? No.

Aaaaah. On to a more uplifting but arguably just as harrowing anime. Your lie in April is about a boy that plays the piano and a girl that plays the violin and how they save each other through their music. It's a lot more complex than that and there's other characters that bring additional stresses and complications to the story but that's it in a nutshell. It's incredibly beautiful and as it's set in the Spring the colour palette matches my aesthetic nicely, heh. I wrote a full gushy post on Your lie in April after I'd finished it which you can read here if you'd like to.
Favourite characters? Tomoya, Nagisa and Kyou.
English dub? Yes.
I finished Clannad recently after my brother nagged and nagged me to watch it because it's his favourite anime. It's about this guy called Tomoya (who I actually really like) who's a sarcastic, delinquent, some-what troubled high schooler that finds life incredibly dull and boring. Over the course of the season he makes friends with several girls and almost takes it upon himself to fix their life problems. It is absolutely adorable, light-hearted and visually beautiful to watch although I do find myself struggling to explain what it's about when people ask me. It's a very character-driven story as opposed to a plot-driven one and I feel like not a lot happens. If you need a gripping plot in order to enjoy something then maybe give this one a miss. I also happen to find Clannad rather funny - Tomoya has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour and the overall tone of the humour is quite dry too which is perfect for me. It's not often I genuinely laugh out loud at a show but I do at Clannad!

... You don't know how much fun I just had sourcing the gifs for this post. Best hour I've ever spent ;) And I'm not even being sarcastic for once.

What are your favourite animes? PLS leave your recommendations below. I prefer lighter / more ~ romantic ~ and character driven kinda things although I am considering starting Hunter X Hunter next...


  1. Omg YESSSS HxH is the best thing in existence! Also recommend Lucky Star and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! (:

  2. I love anime and I'm sad I don't make more time for it. Boo. I know what you mean about Attack On Titan, it is such a good anime in terms of story, effects and animation however oh my gosh there is no happiness what so ever. Not one for when you're feeling blue.

    Not Copper Armour // Bloglovin'

  3. All of these are on my to watch list with the execption of Attack on Titan (loved it but omg it really is gloomy) Sword Art Online and Your Lie In April sound fab and I really want to start watching them soon.

    My absolute fav cutesy romance anime is 'Kimi ni Todoke' It's soooo adorable and lovely, just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and fluffy inside! + I totally understand the joy of finding anime gifs. Every time I finish an anime I go straight to tumblr for the gifs, it's kinda like rewatching the best scenes, haha.
    rosario // rosarioverse xoxo

  4. I love anime, my faves are fruits basket, chobits, cardcaptors, sailor moon, Pokemon, studio ghibli films, peach girl, glitter force, Tokyo mew mew 🙌

  5. I've only watched a few anime because I'm honestly not into anime for some reason. I watched Sailor Moon growing up and loved it (who doesn't love Sailor Moon tho?). Other anime shows I've watch and would recommend are K-On!, Polar Bear Cafe and Say I Love You. They're more lighthearted drama-free animes so if you like action-packed anime then I wouldn't recommend these to you. ♥


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