Banana & Oat Breakfast Muffins (Vegan)

I've been in the kitchen again...

Seriously tho, are you guys liking these vegan recipe posts?! I'm so into baking at the moment - it's doing wonders for my mental health - and it's been quite nice to be in on the foodie conversations for a change. Since my health issues started it's been a little more than difficult for me on the food front but I feel like I'm slowly healing myself, one bake at a time - even if I can't always stomach them.

4 More Ways To Boost Positivity | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, episode six }

As I promised many moons ago, here is the second part of my 4 Ways To Boost Positivity post!

A Little Act of Bravery

{ Weekend diary; part two }

These days, I adhere to a very strict schedule when I'm out. Of course it's massively anxiety-driven and I probably shouldn't give in to it so often but sometimes writing down a minute-by-minute plan helps me step out of the front door. I've been using this coping technique more often than not over the past year, but on Saturday something happened: I went with the flow.

A 9AM Stroll Along the Bristol Harbourside

{ Weekend diary; part one }

Luke and I spent the weekend just gone at my Dad's flat whilst he was on holibobs so we took the opportunity to have our own little holiday.

Little Ways to Self Care 03 | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, volume five }

My March To Do List

 Hello March. Man, am I glad to see you!