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Notes from Sunday

Luke and I spent the weekend just gone at my Dad's flat as 'rest days' because we were both exhausted, and I was mentally a little fragile after a testing few weeks. Our plans didn't expand further than 'go for a walk', 'watch the rugby' and 'go to Aldi' but somehow on Sunday morning we ended up aboard the ss Great Britain.

Loved Lately: October

Another bi-monthly favourites post for you today, gang! I'm not sure why I end up writing them every other month - perhaps I'm simply boring half of the year. It is entirely possible. This October I've been focusing on self care, self love and calm. I've been struggling a lot more with my anxiety now that the nights are darker and the days are shorter and the items in this post are now part of my combat kit to conquer my panic.

Life Lately

Life lately has been...

The inky silkiness of Luna's fur beneath my fingertips and the black-in-some-lights-brown-in-others cloud of Tilly's. | Luna's quiet, rhythmic, reassuring purr and Tilly's loud, erratic, warm rattle. | All of the beige, bland food. Side effects suck. | Slices of light slipping through my new blinds. | Reading The Goblet of Fire aloud to anyone that will listen. (It helps with my concentration which has been iffy for the past... six months.) | Taking polaroids of my babies, sleeping on the bed together for the first time, and popping the discoloured shots into a photo frame. | New glasses and a new haircut.

Lorde's Melodrama on repeat. | Nails painted with Barry M's Mustard nail varnish. | The sharp, irritating pain of a kitten climbing your leg, seeking attention, whilst you're trying to make a birthday cake. | Pink roses and fressias in the living room because Mum and I know how to treat ourselves. | New names and nicknames for Tilly every day. So far we have Tiny Baby, Tallulah, Tilly Rowena and the ever-endearing 'silly cow' when she falls off of another piece of furniture. (She's completely safe, just clumsy AF.)

Feeling the sun's rays on my face for the first time in a week whilst sat on a park bench with my love. | Crystals cleansed in tiny waterfalls and charged under the full moon. | Giving less of a fuck about making my Instagram look perfect. | Attempting to brush up on my aromatherapy knowledge and diffusing oils with water in an oil burner. | Early morning cuddles in bed with a purring baby whilst reading my Mystic Mondays tarot card of the day. | 2 for 99p book deals.

My Lush Halloween Picks

I've been doing Lush reviews since What Lauren Did Today began and, actually, several years before that. My first ever blog post (on a blog I shudder to look at now) was a review of my long-term favourite: the Seanik shampoo bar. Recently, when I was considering what I wanted my blog to be now, I considering ditching the Lush posts - they felt a little done. My old-fashioned blogging style. Like I was stuck in 2014. 

But I still adore Lush. I love their ethics and their pioneering methods for packaging-free products. I love how a simple bath bomb can really, truly, comfort me. So I thought, fuck it. I'm not dropping Lush from my blogging repertoire. But I do want to breathe a little life back into the way I talk about the newest collections and products. I want to make them more current-me-friendly. So welcome to one hell of a walk-through of my picks from the Lush Halloween collection for 2017.

Hello October

Intentions, wishes and daydreams for the tenth month of the year.