Life Lately

Life lately has been...

The inky silkiness of Luna's fur beneath my fingertips and the black-in-some-lights-brown-in-others cloud of Tilly's. | Luna's quiet, rhythmic, reassuring purr and Tilly's loud, erratic, warm rattle. | All of the beige, bland food. Side effects suck. | Slices of light slipping through my new blinds. | Reading The Goblet of Fire aloud to anyone that will listen. (It helps with my concentration which has been iffy for the past... six months.) | Taking polaroids of my babies, sleeping on the bed together for the first time, and popping the discoloured shots into a photo frame. | New glasses and a new haircut.

Lorde's Melodrama on repeat. | Nails painted with Barry M's Mustard nail varnish. | The sharp, irritating pain of a kitten climbing your leg, seeking attention, whilst you're trying to make a birthday cake. | Pink roses and fressias in the living room because Mum and I know how to treat ourselves. | New names and nicknames for Tilly every day. So far we have Tiny Baby, Tallulah, Tilly Rowena and the ever-endearing 'silly cow' when she falls off of another piece of furniture. (She's completely safe, just clumsy AF.)

Feeling the sun's rays on my face for the first time in a week whilst sat on a park bench with my love. | Crystals cleansed in tiny waterfalls and charged under the full moon. | Giving less of a fuck about making my Instagram look perfect. | Attempting to brush up on my aromatherapy knowledge and diffusing oils with water in an oil burner. | Early morning cuddles in bed with a purring baby whilst reading my Mystic Mondays tarot card of the day. | 2 for 99p book deals.


  1. This is just amazing and so creative! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love reading these posts because it makes you realize about the small things in our lives that we sometimes overlook. ♥

  3. So calming to read, almost as if I'm living it myself!
    I too have a very clumsy cat so I know what you mean. lol


  4. The way you write is just so magical, I loved reading this! You can't beat the company of kittens for making every day seem slightly better, right?! I know what you mean about clumsy cats - my boy, Harley, doesn't EVER land on his paws. When he falls, he falls on his back, which has led to a few worrying incidents! But he's always fine, somehow, thankfully. Remember, they have 9 lives ;) x x

  5. It's always the little things that make life special :)


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