How I Manage My Appointment Anxiety

{ Self-care Sunday; episode 7 }

The number of appointments I've attended for my anxiety over the past few years is a mind-boggling. I see my doctor monthly, but I have also been through several rounds of therapy and several assessments. I still find them particularly triggering (ain't that the way - anxiety over appointments about my anxiety - but recently I've devised a real strategy in which I approach and manage them and today I thought I'd share my techniques with you.

Chocolate Easter Biscuits (Vegan)

I'll start off this recipe post by apologising for having two baking posts in a row! I'd had the flapjacks post scheduled for weeks and today I ended up making some chocolate biscuits for Easter that were nice enough to earn a recipe post of their own. And since Easter is literally two days away I figured I'd just pop this up today rather than leave it too late. Scheduling issues aside - can we have a little lol at my poor icing skills? I did everything by the book (or blog - as I used the icing I shared in my gingerbread Blogmas post last December) and I still somehow messed it up. I'm just not very artistic hahah.

Easy Vegan Flapjacks

A few weeks ago I shared a photo of these flapjacks on Instagram and a few people said they'd like the recipe so here we are!

Loved Lately

It's been a while since I talked in some way about my current favourite things and my last Favourites post was back in January, so I have quite a few things to catch you up on!

The Lost Girl

I feel a little lost within myself right now.

Like I've been asleep for a year and I've finally woken up.

I always feel like this after a depressive period, and I have quite a few of them under my belt now. As it stands right now, there are two parts of me, struck directly down the middle by a column of heavy, unyielding darkness. There is pre-depression me, a twenty year old girl who still felt sixteen. And there is post-depression me, a twenty-two year old woman who doesn't love any of the things she remembers she's supposed to love. A girl who feels broken and unbroken, tired and energised. Books, nail varnish shades, albums, shoes: they no longer belong to me. They belong to her, the girl who used to be before the darkness swallowed her whole.

So what do I do? When that girl's belongings surround me? When her hair is growing from my scalp? When her favourite stories are stacked neatly on my bookcase?

I do what I always do: tear down what I hate and rebuild.

This is not my destruction. It is my re-birth.