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It's been a while since I talked in some way about my current favourite things and my last Favourites post was back in January, so I have quite a few things to catch you up on!

Watching ::
At the beginning of March my brother showed me the Shelter by Porter Robinson & Maedon music video because it's actually a short anime film and we both looove anime. I went in with Matt's warning: 'If I cried then you're definitely gonna cry' and naturally he was right. I've watched it three times now and I absolutely bawled each time. It's incredibly powerful and beautiful, and now that I know the lyrics it really ties into the experience.

I talk a little in a minute about my re-love of Panic! At The Disco but Brendon Urie's Death of a Bachelor & Victorious performances totally sealed the deal for me. He just looks so happy & he's totally feelin' himself when he sings and omg I think I fancy him a lil bit.

As for Netflix: Reign, Riverdale, NerveInsurgent, Cinderella and Shadowhunters have been my recent picks!

Wearing ::
Last Wednesday I took a little trip to Nailsea with my Dad & Luke and although I was there for the charity shops, I did end up getting this b-e-a-utiful backpack from New Look. I shared a little snap of it on social media and you guys went crazy for it too, so it seems we all have impeccable taste ;) It's been a long while since I got a new bag and I can't wait to wear this one during Spring & Summer this year. I always find carrying a handbag in the hot weather v uncomfortable so having it slung across my back lookin' pretty is going to be perfect. I wore it for the first time on Friday with my new Topshop dress (£3 from a charity shop!!) and I felt amazingggg. I've been feeling some feels about being body positive & confident whilst having a physical illness but bedecking myself in pretty things has been helping.

Another thing I've loved wearing lately are my embroidered leopard print flats from H&M. I bought them last Summer for £3 in the sale and I've loved wearing them with an all-black outfit lately.
Reading ::
I've really struggled with reading lately - mainly because I read A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas and nothing else has compared. I read it twice back-t0-back and everything I've tried to read since has me yearning for it. It's empowering, tense, romantic, sexy and utterly captivating. I'm literally counting down the days until A Court of Wings and Ruin is released (May 2nd!).

Listening ::
I've completely overhauled my iTunes library over the past few months and it's utterly unrecognisable from the ATL-only zone it used to be. I've recently discovered Bad Suns and Melanie Martinez, as well as re-discovered The 1975 and Panic! At The Disco - and added a few instrumental tracks from my favourite TV shows. The Your lie in April soundtrack is utterly beautiful, by the way. Here's a little playlist to give you an idea of all the things I'm loving rn:
1. Take My Love and Run - Bad Suns
2. Outskirts of Paradise - Bad Suns
3. Rearview - Bad Suns
4. Patience - Bad Suns
5. Violet - Bad Suns
6. Uso to Honto - Your lie in April soundtrack.
7. Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso - Your lie in April soundtrack.
8. Tear in my Heart - twenty one pilots
9. Somebody Else - The 1975
10. Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time - Panic! At The Disco
11. LA Devotee - Panic! At The Disco
12. Death of a Bachelor - Panic! At The Disco
13. Play That Song - Train

14. Sippy Cup - Melanie Martinez
Misc ::
A couple of weeks ago I went into Tiger and came out with like 5 notebooks. My favourite of the bunch is this pink A5 leather-look notebook that I've been using to jot down a few ideas and random lines of creative writing.

My final favourite is Alpro yoghurt - the strawberry & banana 'children's' yoghurt to be precise. It comes in a pack of four with two pear & peach ones which are okay but the strawb and banana ones are delicious. Enough so that I spend £1.80 per bloody box. I try my best to only buy it when it's on offer but sometimes a girl's just gotta have her kid's yoghurt, ya feel me?


  1. I'm obsessed with Riverdale! And I'm currently reading Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and I'm loving it! So I need to check out the book you recomended too! kisses:D

  2. I need to re read Throne of Glass series as I've completely lost track of where I'm up to. I didn't like the Court series but my friend absolutely loved it! As did so many people. I love these shoes, they're gorgeous. I'm going to see if I can find a pair somewhere! I love Brandon, he has aged v well x

  3. That backpack is so adorable! I love the floral embroidery! I'm also loving the pink A5 notebook. ♥

  4. Oh wow - that backpack is gorge! You definitely have good taste ;) I really need to watch Riverdale, I've heard such good things about it! x x

  5. I'm going to have to check out A Court of Mist and Fury, any book I have read that you have recommended so far I have loved. We must have a similar taste. The back pack is gorgeous, would look so lovely in the summer time out exploring. As for the Alpro yoghurts I am obsessed with the raspberry and blackberry ones and buy them every week for work. The dessert versions are ridic expensive though. Have you tried their icecream before? YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


  6. I love that backpack so much, it's ridiculously pretty <3 x

  7. I do still love that bag! It's so pretty. I'm still mid-way through the Throne of Glass series so I really need to finish that but I definitely want to get onto the Court ones!

  8. That backpack is just the prettiest thing ever! I can't justify adding another bag to my stocks but I also can't help envisioning this as the perfect backpack for my upcoming trip to Copenhagen!! x


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