June was a busy ol' month for me, and I feel like I achieved a lot of things despite not setting any goals. I want to get back to creating goals and lists and generally keeping track of my life a little better so, along with another attempt at journaling, I've decided to talk a little on the blog about what I got up to this month.

4 More YouTube Channels I'm Loving Right Now

I've discovered a few YouTube channels lately and I thought they were worth sharing!

Cruelty-Free Skincare for Dry & Sensitive Skin

Proof I'm sticking to my new year's goals.

I've spoken a handful of times about the topics I studied at college (aromatherapy and massage being my favourites) but I've never really applied any of my knowledge to the ol' blog. When I was at college I ran a different blog and shared a series of posts all about skincare - how to determine your skin type, the best corresponding products to use and how ~professionals~ perform a facial routine. I really want to brush up on my knowledge and skills as I've moved away from them over the past few years and I think they're a real asset. This also falls in nicely with one of my new year's goals, which was to get back into my skincare routine! Now that I've finally figured out the type of make-up I like to wear, having clear, soft skin as a base has made all the difference.

15 Little Happy Things

Fifteen little happy things...

one | Jane the Virgin.
two | Cities: Skylines for the Xbox One.
three | 9pm walks along the harbourside.
four | £1 bunches of white roses & peonies.
five | Feeling inspired.
six | Leaving the house without my safety items and not panicking.
seven | Cooking for Luke.
eight | My Topshop midi dress (bought via a charity shop, hollaaaaa)
nine | Wearing liquid eyeliner.
ten | Blush pink everything.
eleven | Watching hot air balloons fly overhead.
twelve | A cold breeze on a hot Saturday.
thirteen | My new blog layout.
fourteen | Grace's blog, Almost Amazing Grace.
fifteen | Teeny tiny Party Rings.

What tiny things have made you happy recently?

The Game | Creative Writing


Thursday 23rd February 2017 

Songs For June

I mentioned in one of my Self-Care Sunday posts a few months ago that I'd been using music as a kind of self-therapy, and since then I've been trying to figure out exactly how to share the playlists I've created. I used to have all of my music downloaded onto my phone or I listened via YouTube but I now have a Spotify account and I just learned that you can embed entire playlists into a blog post! So here we are ~