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I mentioned in one of my Self-Care Sunday posts a few months ago that I'd been using music as a kind of self-therapy, and since then I've been trying to figure out exactly how to share the playlists I've created. I used to have all of my music downloaded onto my phone or I listened via YouTube but I now have a Spotify account and I just learned that you can embed entire playlists into a blog post! So here we are ~

If you've ever wondered about my taste in music, the playlist below will introduce you pretty well. I mainly listen to bands (as in bands that play their own instruments etc) and most of my music is kind of ~alternate~ (although what it's alternate to idk) and I don't really listen to pop or the Top 40 outside of the car radio, so maybs consider that before you take a listen. I also tend to stick to the same songs and bands - I'm trying my best to branch out but it's hardddddd when all I wanna do is listen to the same song over and over until I hate it. Outside of the musicians listed, I do like instrumental music if I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious, mainly because I get a little sensitive to the sound of people talking/singing sometimes.  

The newest additions to this playlist are the songs from All Time Low's new album, Last Young Renegade. I've been quite the ATL fangirl since I was about 14 but I recently lost touch with their music following a... thing. Maybe I'll talk about it in detail another time, because it was pretty significant to me, but Last Young Renegade was exactly what I needed and I'm firmly back on board with my babes. My favourite songs from the album are Drugs & Candy, Afterglow, Dark Side Of Your Room, Nice2KnoU, Ground Control and Nightmares.
Melanie Martinez is someone who absolutely fascinates me and I'm glad I have full access to her album Cry Baby on Spotify - I'd been listening to Alphabet Boy and Dollhouse on YouTube for ages. Bad Suns are a recent discovery of mine but I absolutely fuckin' adore them, and of course LA Devotee and Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco are featured. Brendon Urie's voice is absolutely stunning, the lyrics are cool af and Brendon is just a babe and I lowkey want to marry him. Two songs from Paramore's new album made the cut, because the lyrics are just rly relatable, aren't they? Also two songs from Harry Styles' new album - altho I called it a long time ago that his solo ventures would be my fave out of the 1D lads. I just love his whole vibe.  
The 1975 are noticeably absent from my playlist, mainly because I overplayed them at the beginning of the year (I listened to UGH!, Love Me and The Sound on repeat for about two months) and also because their previous album got me through college and I don't have room for the awful flashbacks rn.

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  1. Cool playlist, I was so excited when I saw Bad Suns on there, I absolutely love them!


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