2017 goals

2017 ~ buzz words ~ :: calm, health, self-love and simplicity.  

2017 Goals.
1. Get healthy, both physically and mentally.
2. Spend time with my Nan.
3. Take more personal photographs.
4. Take more selfies.
5. Wear make-up more often.
6. Try meditation again.
7. Accept and manage my mental & physical illnesses.
8. Take better care of my skin and body.
9. Save more money than I spend & quit it with the 'treat yo self' antics.
10. Document things offline as well as online.
11. Shop smarter. Buy from smaller businesses / charity shops more often.
12. Read 10 books.


  1. I love this post and I can relate to so many of these goals- I'm guilty of always using pinterest for images and have told myself I'll make more of an effort to take my own photos. If you want to write everyday, you should get a One Line a Day 5 Year Memory Book http://www.handpickedcollection.com/one-line-a-day-five-year-memory-book.html?gclid=CMazlv_d48ICFSIYwwodFlsA4w I've only been writing in mine since the start of this year but I'm enjoying it so much :) I need to host a guest post too- I'm going to try and do one a month if you'd like to be involved :)

    Sarah xxx

    1. I've always wanted to have a 5 year diary, I think they're such a good idea! Thank you! x


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