Book Unhaul

Following the impulsive yet almighty purge of my bedroom, I shared with you my updated cruelty-free makeup collection and explained a little bit about items I've kept and gotten rid of, and I figured it was about time I did the same with my book collection. I donated a lot of books to charity shops - an entire black bag full, in fact - and my bookshelves look and feel a whole lot better because of it. I even have some gaps to fill now! Some of the books I donated are shown in the photo above but a lot of them aren't because I didn't have the idea to photograph them before I bundled them into the car.

My Cruelty-Free A/W Lip Kit

Following my extreme make-up declutter and in the name of minimalism, I thought I'd put together a little lip kit to see me through the most wonderful time of the year. (Too soon?)

My Completed Print Wall

I penned a post back in July sharing my plans to revive my old photo wall and finally, three months later, it's complete! In all honesty it was finished about a month ago but I just hadn't gotten around to photographing it until now. In order to mark this momentous occasion I thought I'd give you a in-depth tour of it because it's pretty and also just in case you were interested in any of the specific pieces.

September Haulin' | Ft Primark & Boots

I went to Primark the other day (!!) and picked up quite a few fab things, so naturally I wanted to post a little Primark haul. Is it even Autumn if you don't buy new knitwear from Primark? I think not. I've also picked up a few little bits from a couple of other places so I figured I'd just add them into this haul, too ~ 

Life Lately

{ Luke took me on a bike ride along the river. You can see just how short my hair is now, especially in comparison to this photo! }
Life lately has been anxious, tiring and overwhelming but it's also been pretty wonderful, too. I don't feel up to explaining things using words so instead here's a bunch of photos which show a few nice things I've gotten up to recently. They're all unedited and were taken on my iPhone so I'm sorry if the quality is a bit pants.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf House Tour


The Sunday Post 10

{ New hair, recovery and embracing c h a n g e }

My September To-Do List

Happy September 1st!