My Completed Print Wall

I penned a post back in July sharing my plans to revive my old photo wall and finally, three months later, it's complete! In all honesty it was finished about a month ago but I just hadn't gotten around to photographing it until now. In order to mark this momentous occasion I thought I'd give you a in-depth tour of it because it's pretty and also just in case you were interested in any of the specific pieces.

Let's start with the shelves, shall we?! The shelves themselves are from B&M and cost me around £5. On the little one at the top I have two Daenerys Pop! Vinyls, which were both gifts from Luke. On the middle shelf I have a framed Lush bag, an adorable illustration of Luna, the top of an old perfume bottle and an empty Lush lip scrub pot. I love the layers of this shelf and I love that each of the pieces are different heights and sizes. I'm trying to get better at organising things in an aesthetically pleasing way and this shelf is a product of that. The illustration of Luna was a custom piece (obvs) that I bought from Ren Yeats. Unfortunately I don't think she does them anymore but definitely check out her Etsy if you like feminist artists! On the lower and biggest shelf I have my Dorkface custom illustration. In front of it I have two Library of Fragrance perfumes, and to the side I have a succulent (called Celeste... idk why I just told you that) which I repotted into an old Lush black pot. The little clear square is actually one of those photo display boxes but I took the stock photos out and filled it with pretty things, including a huge druzy ring that I say is a Horcrux.
Now onto the art itself. Starting from the left, I have three little prints from Dainty Daisy Designs. They're all v pretty and are great quality as they're printed onto v thick paper, so they're less flimsy but also require both blu-tac and washi tape to stay on the wall! Becky offers a few different art prints as well as pretty notebooks and these Herbivore pins that I feel my vegan friends would like. I kept my order quite minimal, though, and only picked up one of the 'Good Things Will Happen' prints in pink (£1.50), and both of the Pastel Jewel Prints. They're usually £1 each (which is an insanely good price for the quality) but as I bought both I got them for £1.70. I really recommend Becky's shop as the prints are incredibly high quality as well as being extremely budget-friendly. I've bookmarked a few of her other pieces to buy people for Christmas!
Moving into the centre, I have the Dorkface A5 'Let's Get Lost' print (£2.50) which she ever so kindly gifted me when I bought the flowers print. Below that I have a paint sample from B&Q and a little quote that Luke bought me. I have no idea where it's from though, sorry! Then I have the Dorkface A5 Watercolour Flowers print (£3) which I looove. I remember Jemma sharing it on her Snapchat and me thinking that I needed it in my life, so of course as soon as she put it up for sale on her Etsy I nabbed it. The 'Little by Little' quote is something that I printed off myself. Apparently JRR Tolkien didn't even write this quote but I like the cursive and the font. Below that I have two arcade tickets from my favourite arcade in Brean, and a card I bought in Tiger. I love the pink background and the tattoo style of the artwork, plus it has a cat on it so... this was actually a proper card, not a postcard, so I just cut the front off and used that. Finally I have two sets of photobooth pictures of me and Luke, which I love, and two cinema tickets. One of them is for The Jungle Book and the other is for Suicide Squad. I chose to put them both on my wall as they both symbolise times I overcame my extreme anxiety.
Aaaaand that's everything! I'm incredibly happy with how my photo wall looks and it also came in way under budget! I set myself £20 to do it completely and I think I spent about half. I made a point of using things I already had or things that cost me nothing - such as the paint sample and the quote card from Luke - and I think it worked out rather well. Oh, and in case you were wondering: the photo frames I buy are from Wilko as they're super budget friendly and the washi tape is old, from Sainsburys.
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  1. I love this type of post as I'm always interested in the artwork people choose to display! I think re-purposing that lush pot for your succulent is an amazing idea! I will also definitely be checking out Dainty Daisy Designs as well as Jemma when I come to buy some more prints!

    Beautiful display and lovely post :)

    Emily // Bambi's Blogs

  2. Wow, that's amazing! Your photo wall is so cool. I'd love to do something like that in my bedroom, to be honest. You've done such a good job! x x

  3. It looks lovely! I really want to make a photo wall in my room, they seem to make the place feel more homely. xx

  4. Your photo wall has so much personality! Love how you reused your LUSH container, such a cute idea! ♥

  5. Ah I love this, it looks so good!
    I've been searching for shelves like these to create a little section in my room for ages. I'm definitely going to have a bit of DIY-ing to do next summer and definitely going to find those shelves 😊

    Abs x

  6. Yaaaay I saw peeks of this on Snapchat but forgot to ask where things were from, so I'm glad you shared this! You have such a lovely collection xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  7. Your photo wall looks incredible! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  8. Wow that is super cheap for all of that and it looks great! I'm going to bookmark this page so I can come back and visit the various sites you got the prints from when i'm ready to get a few for my place. I love the mountain one, they hold a special place in my heart so I need one like this!
    Amy at Amy & More

  9. Your wall looks absolutely fab! I think my fave print is the watercolour flowers, it's so cute!

    The Velvet Black | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog

  10. Oh everything looks so pretty! I really love the idea of framing a Lush bag... It looks fab!


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