My Cruelty-Free A/W Lip Kit

Following my extreme make-up declutter and in the name of minimalism, I thought I'd put together a little lip kit to see me through the most wonderful time of the year. (Too soon?)

I don't know what's happened to me over the past few months but if a make-up product isn't matte or nude then I'm just not interested. I like to think that it's because I've matured, but I didn't think that turning 21 would lead me to a make-up bag that contains all the products I'd take the piss out of my mum for wearing ten years ago. How the times have changed eh?! My little lip kit contains just four products that are all cruelty-free, vegan and come in under £10! 
The Prep ::  
The secret to good make-up application lies behind the products you use beforehand. I always find that my foundation applies better once I've exfoliated and moisturised my face and the same rule applies for my lips. I'll start off using my Lush Mint Julips lip scrub (£5.50) to buff away any flaky bits and to treat myself to some delicious mint-chocolatey sugar. Yum. Alternatively, you could gently use a toothbrush or DIY your own scrub! There are loads of tutorials online, and as the main ingredients are just sugar and oil it's something you could conjure up within minutes using what you've probably already got in your kitchen cupboards. Once I've buffed my lips I'll slick on a coat of lip balm - I'm currently using the Superdrug Little Blue Tin (£1.50) which is essentially just petroleum jelly.
The Colour ::
GOSH have quickly become my favourite lipstick brand as their lipsticks are so affordable but are incredibly quality. I love them so much I even bought my best friend two for her birthday! I personally have the shades Raisin and Antique which are both matte. Antique is the lighter shade, which is the prettiest pink-nude that I wear almost every day. I'd describe it as a 'dusty pink' that has a brown tone to it. If you'd like to see what it looks like on, I'm wearing it in this Instagram photo! Raisin is a gorgeous dark brown that intimidated me at first and is something I'll reach for if I'm feeling a little more daring. Both are creamy and comfortable to wear and don't dry out my lips or settle into cracks at all. I find that Raisin wears away quicker than Antique if I'm eating or drinking but that's to be expected when you're wearing a darker shade! 
So that's my little lip kit! I think I'll add in a dark berry and a red shade as we creep further into Autumn but for now I'm happy with my browns. Let's be real tho - they're going to be matte GOSH ones, aren't they?
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  1. Wow I've never tried Gosh, always thought for some reason they wouldn't be cruelty free or vegan.I love those shades so much, gonna have to have a little looksy at the Gosh counter next time I'm in Boots now!


  2. After seeing you wear Raisin I was like I NEED this colour, only to find out I already have it and had just been wearing it very sheer. Finally a redish lipstick I can wear!!!


  3. Raisin looks so lovely, you have basically tempted me into buying it! You can't go wrong with a lip balm stashed away in your handbag. I love Key Lime Pie by Lush but the Superdrug's ones are also a great alternative :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. I like to prep my lips the night before, then the next morning I apply more lip balm an hour before I apply my lip color. Those GOSH lipsticks look lovely btw. ♥


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