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This post has been a long time coming! Ever since I started my current town, Hogwarts, I wanted to share it in some way on my blog but I could never figure out how best to do it. I don't have a capture card, nor the means or inclination to source one, so my options for good quality photos were pretty limited. I did have a play around with transferring photos from the 3DS onto an SD card and then uploading them to my computer but the only way the photos weren't blurry was if I threw them all together into a nine-square collage and I just didn't think it looked very nice. For this set of photos I tried to take photos of the 3DS screen in a way that wasn't reflective/ugly, and I hope that you like them!
Before we begin the room tours, I thought I'd explain a little bit about my house layout and room size etc. I have paid for each of the rooms available on New Leaf, which includes an attic, a basement and three extra rooms on the ground floor which you can access through doorways branching off of the main room. I have expanded my main room to the biggest size it can be, and have expanded the attic, left wing and right wing up one size. The back room and basement are still little! You'll also notice as I show you the rooms that I like to collect sets - I don't tend to mix and match my furniture, and I like to use colour schemes. I'm not too fussed with the fung-shui of the game and tend to just place furniture wherever I think it looks best. 
The Main Room | Princess Theme.
My main room is furnished with every piece of the Princess furniture set from GracieGrace, which cost me approximately three million bells. I spent many an evening at the island hunting beetles, let me tell you! I've also made use of the Princess wallpaper and flooring, partly because I like matching sets, partly because it racks up the points with the Happy Housing people.  
I like to use clothes to decorate my rooms, especially if I find clothing that works well with the colour scheme and feel of a room. On either side of the back doorway I have two mannequins dressed in dresses and headpieces. The one on the left is wearing the Wedding Dress and Veil from GracieGrace and the one on the right is wearing the Silk Bloom Dress and a Halo.
Other than the clothing, I only have two pieces in this room that aren't part of the Princess set - the potted ivy hanging above the dresser and the picture of Chevre standing on the coffee table. I chose to display this picture because the blue background and white frame goes well with the rest of the décor!
Back Room | Mayoral Office
My back room is one of two rooms in my house that doesn't feature a particular furniture set. I had the idea of using the two big bookcases on either side of the fireplace and the colour scheme bloomed from there, really. Hanging above the fire is a gold-framed picture of a pink rose, which ties in with the Plush Carpet. Aside from the pieces on the back wall, the only real furniture pieces in the room are the Cream Sofa and the re-done Rococo Dresser. Most of the room is filled with décor pieces, including two pot plants, a golden telescope, a suitcase and a camera.
On the walls I have two Sconces, on either side of the room above the same square of window. I'm not 100% happy with the wallpaper, which is the Arched Window design, but I haven't been able to find anything that ties in nicely with the colour scheme. I'm very particular!
Left Wing | Rococo Theme
Another room, another furniture set! I'm still in the process of collecting this set, though, so it's not completely finished. I also decided to recolour the set at ReTail with Gothic White, which turns the fabric pink and the edging silver/white. I preferred the aesthetics of it and felt it worked better with the Rococo wallpaper and flooring.
Over on the dresser I keep two of my Fishing Tourney trophies - naturally I'd prefer if they were silver but I can't help winning the tournament every time ;) On the wall above the bed on either side is a Rococo candlestick, again recolored in the Gothic White.
Right Wing | Dressing Room
The second and final un-themed room in my home! Well, I suppose it is a little themed as it only features the Minimalist furniture set but it's not a strict theme. This room was thrown together pretty recently as I needed extra storage for my clothing and wanted to put it on display instead of keeping it shut away in my dresser. I chose my favourite dresses and lined them along one wall, then dressed two mannequins in top-and-skirt combos along with shoes, glasses and hats. I do love my hats in ACNL! Especially the straw boater hat. Adore.
On a table on the back wall I keep two headpieces - the Coined Headpiece and Black Veil - with the mannequins on either side. I'm not 100% happy with the layout of this room but I'm at a loss as to how else to arrange it for now.
Attic | Pink Mermaid Theme
The attic was a room I randomly arranged one day after throwing a bunch of cute/pink furniture down and it's one of my favourites. Most of the furniture is part of the Mermaid collection which you can purchase on the island, although I do have other items of note including the working Claw Machine and the adorable ice cream Soft Serve Lamp.
One of my favourite furniture items ever features in this room - the macaroon shaped record player! Playing on mine is Bubblegum K.K. which I feel matches the room rather well. On the walls is the Mermaid wallpaper and although I have the matching flooring, I put down the Minimalist flooring as I felt the room was bit too busy with a patterned floor as well!
And that's my house tour! I didn't bother showing you the basement as it just contains some of the Ice set which isn't completed or arranged particularly nicely so until I do something fancy with the room it's gonna remain unfeatured on my blog! I hope that you liked this post and my décor - I also took some photos of my town in the hopes of doing a mini town tour so let me know if that's something you'd like to see.
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  1. Your house is really cute! I always like seeing how people arrange the same sets in different ways. I would love to see a town tour in the future! ♥

  2. Oh so cute! That mayoral office - I want a room like that when I have my own house haha!

  3. Ahh I used to love animal crossing but when my DS broke and it was never the same on the Wii :(

  4. Your princess room!! SO dreamy. I struggle with collecting sets so all of my rooms are a little eclectic heh, I do have a coffee house room though!

  5. I have only recently purchased New Leaf and I love it. When my character shakes a tree and gets stung by bees. The swollen face looks so funny.

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