The Sunday Post 10

{ New hair, recovery and embracing c h a n g e }
If my life were a book, I'd definitely file these past two weeks under a chapter entitled Change. I have a new hairstyle, I decluttered my bedroom and wardrobe, I got a new daily-wear lipstick, I started my latest round of CBT... it's all been happening! And instead of it leaving me feeling confused and out of my depth, I feel quite refreshed and rejuvenated. Finally, after the most horrendous few months, I'm beginning to feel normal again. I'm beginning to feel like myself, which is something I haven't felt for a very, very long time and it's the most wonderful feeling.  

one. If you don't follow me on social media you may have missed the Big Life Event that took place last Tuesday - I had all of my hair chopped off! It was very spur-of-the-moment decision inspired by this photo of Emma Watson and the general claustrophobic feeling that having long hair gave me. I'd been toying with the idea for a while and had discussed it many a time with Luke, my mum and my best friend until one morning I woke up, made the decision and had it done - all within an hour. I now have a 'bob' style which is just long enough that it brushes my shoulders. The back is a lot choppier than the front and she recut my fringe so it now falls nicely to the side. I think it looks rather lovely, and the volume it now has makes me incredibly happy. I think this style is going to be my thing for a little while as I definitely have no plans for letting it grow out!
two. The Great Bedroom Clear-Out of 2016 happened this week and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with the amount of stuff I now own. I got rid of two black bags filled with clothes, one filled with books and one carrier bag of make-up and beauty bits within one day, then I had another purge and stuffed another bin bag full of assorted bits and pieces including shoes and more books. Of course when I say 'got rid of' I mean I donated the stuff to a charity shop and to friends and family - I am so against the reckless throwing away of things other people could still use and enjoy. I'm quite a hoarder by nature so I was surprised at how easy it was for me to let things go, honestly. I developed the mentality of 'if I don't enjoy it then someone else might' and 'if I'm not happy to display it then I don't need it' and it worked like a charm!
three. Despite letting go of a lot, I also brought a few things into my life this week but they were very careful and considered purchases and I'm happy with them all. Firstly, as I mentioned earlier, I picked up a new lipstick that I a d o r e. It's the Gosh Velvet Touch matte lipstick in Raisin, which is a brown shade and is so creamy and lovely. You can kinda see it in the top photo of this post as I'm wearing it! I really recommend the Gosh lipsticks if you're in the market for a matte that is still moisturising and comfy to wear. Secondly, I fiiiinally bought myself a pair of embroidered jeans. They're from New Look and were £8 reduced from £25 in the sale. I can't wait to wear them with my ankle boots and a slouchy black cardigan. Finally - meet my new Luna. My little angelcake has now been recreated in three different art pieces and this time in the form of a key ring. I found Holly on Instagram when she liked one of my photos and I fell in love with her work. I really recommend purchasing one of her custom pet key rings - she's so lovely and it was done and delivered to me within a week!
four. Finally, I feel like we need to talk about the weather. It's so cold and rainy and it's just bloody wonderful, isn't it? I adore the Autumn and couldn't have been happier on the morning of September 1st when it was cold enough not only for me to wear my onesie but also for me to have a bath that was actually warm. I made the most of it and used my favourite Lush bath bomb, which is Intergalactic, and I had a lovely little time relaxing in the water and appreciating the fact that I wasn't dying from the heat.
W e l l. That was a big old catch up, wasn't it?! I'm going to try my best not to miss a week again because it just leaves me with so much to talk about within one post and it all gets a little much. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday morning when my Animal Crossing: New Leaf house tour goes live!


  1. Your hair looks so lovely and that gosh lipstick suits you so well! and It's great to hear that you're feeling good! xx
    The little key ring of your kitty is soooo cute! xx

  2. I also cleaned out my closet this weekend. I got rid of a bunch of old clothing, shoes and accessories that were either worn out or that I didn't like anymore. Looking forward to your Animal Crossing tour on Tuesday! ♥

  3. Is it strange that I love clearing out my room? Makes me feel so calm.. I'm in love with your new BOB, it suits you so much!!!!

  4. So glad you are feeling more yourself lovely lady, there's something about a good refresh that does wonders. Your hair looks beautiful! I also had a bath and used the intergalactic bath bomb for the first time this weekend, it was beaut! SO bladdy excited for Autumn! >:) Immy x

  5. I love your haircut! I wish I could pull of short hair cos that is a lovely cut. I love clearing out my stuff and one of my goals for September is to do a big wardrobe clear-out as I'm well overdue. I think it makes you feel lighter, somehow! x x

  6. i've just came across your blog and i love it, i really enjoyed this post. i cut my hair short last year thinking it was a brilliant idea and i hated it instantly, yours however, looks gorgeous!
    jen / enter my too faced giveaway x

  7. So proud of you Lauren! I chopped my hair off last year and it's SO FREEING.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  8. I really, REALLY love that hair style on you. And that lipstick colour is also gorgeous. It sounds like you've had a good couple of weeks really. I could do with having a bit of a clean out too!


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