Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

Did you know that Lush recently re-invented their classic Think Pink bath bomb?! I didn't until I spotted it in-store yesterday. Needless to say I snapped one up real quick. It was one of the few left in stock so I'm glad I got there when I did! I also got my hands on the glorious limited edition tote bag - finally using the gift card my Nan got me for Christmas!

5 Mini Book Reviews

In an effort to talk more about the books I've been reading & loving, I thought I'd put a little spin on my usual book review style. I like to write long, in-depth reviews because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on a lot of things but it steadily grew more daunting to write them - especially if they were for a book I've really loved. I try my best to think critically and logically about books when I review them as I'm a v emotional person and sometimes my emotions cloud my judgement, but that meant that I wasn't ever talking about the books that really moved me. Today I thought I'd challenge myself to write tiny reviews of the books I've read so far this year - using 100 words or less.

I Finally Watched Clannad: ~After Story~

{This post contains mild spoilers for Clannad}

It's been a while since I last dedicated an entire post to something I love - I usually save them for Favourites posts or mention them in passing on Twitter - but I've just finished another anime and I gotta talk about it. I wrote a little post in honour of Your lie in April as soon as I'd finished it (and stopped crying lolol) and I thought it seemed fitting to do the same now that I've finished the Clannad After Story. I like these little hidden pockets of geekiness on my blog, thrown in amongst the cruelty-free reviews and life musings - I'm always so content with myself after writing them and I know they're the kind of thing I love to discover on other people's blogs, too.