Little Ways to Self Care 03 | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, volume five }

It's been a testing ol' week for me! We still don't have wifi at home (although hopefully by the time this post goes up it'll be fixed) and it was a bit of a wake up call for me exactly how much I depend on the internet to get me through the night. During the morning/day I could go without my phone for hours but once the clock strikes 7pm my mind shuts down and I'm desperate for low-effort distraction. YouTube videos, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs have always been the places I hang out in the evening and it's been tough for me to go without them. I know, I know: first world problems. But I really struggle to manage to do things other than that when I switch into zombie-mode!

Seven little ways I've practised self-care this week...

1. I've spent a lot of time gaming this week and, randomly, I've been playing a lot of Minecraft on my Xbox 360. I play it on Survival mode on Easy so it can be a little challenging for a n00b like me but I like it. I like growing my vegetables and building wood bridges across the river in front of my house and organising all of my tools into specific chests and building things.

2. I've also spent a lot of time listening to music this week. I updated my iTunes library a little while ago with some more relaxing, chilled music (post coming soon) and I've been looooving listening to my new playlist. This song from Your lie in April has so quickly become my jam and because I'm sometimes sensitive to people talking it's been nice to listen to music without words.

3. I did a food shop on Wednesday with my Dad and I paid 47p for a single Pink Lady apple. They're my favourite but I can't always afford a whole pack of them and it was nice to ~treat myself~ in a small way.

4. I finally downloaded Pokémon Go!! Now that I'm getting better at going outside it's become really fun for me. On Thursday Luke and I wandered around our local area catching Pokemons and we even took a little trip down to my favourite wood. There's a stone bridge in there that reminds me of The Shire aka my homeland and I love sitting on the bench near it and listening to the water. I also managed to catch a Teddiursa on it so I was especially happy. Honestly though, all that talk last year about Pokémon helping people go outside? I get it now.

5. Luke and I are at my Dad's for the weekend and we took a little wander down the local high street on Friday lunchtime. We dipped into all of the shops I've been meaning to check out for months and I even made it down to the newest vegan café in the area! I still struggle to walk certain distances without panicking but I just kept going and did a little mindfulness which helped. To reward myself I bought a mini Victoria's sandwich and it was the most delicious cake I've ever eaten! It was so nice to explore new shops and I'm grateful that I can now enjoy them instead of becoming overrun with anxiety.

6. When walking back to the flat on Saturday morning, Luke and I decided to take the scenic route through the park I used to visit as a child instead of the quicker way which follows a busy main road. It was nice to stop and appreciate the flowers (literally) and reminisce about my childhood.

7. Finally, since we're at Dad's, I made sure to pack my blanket, my robe and my slippers in my suitcase. I'm permanently wrapped in a blanket at home (even during the Summer), it's definitely a protection thing. I was feeling a little nervous about sleeping somewhere that isn't my lovely, familiar bed so I thought ahead and packed my comforts!

How have you practised self-care this week? As ever, please allow this post to be a gentle but insistent reminder to schedule a little time in for yourself today - you deserve it!


  1. Self-care is so important, but easy to forget about. I love Minecraft, but I haven't been playing it recently. I think the main thing for me this week was having alone time, I'm always around people so it's nice to have a bit of a break x

  2. I love how you manged to practice self care once everyday. Looking forward to listening to that playlist! ♥

  3. Self-care is definitely something I forget about! Managed to spend a few hours alone today though just catching up on Vampire Diaries and that made my brain happy aha. Sounds like you've had a good week! x

  4. I needed this reminder to practice self-care - thank you! Pink Lady apples are my faves too - but why do they have to be so expensive?! x x


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