A 9AM Stroll Along the Bristol Harbourside

{ Weekend diary; part one }

Luke and I spent the weekend just gone at my Dad's flat whilst he was on holibobs so we took the opportunity to have our own little holiday.

We made an effort to visit all of the places I've wanted to visit for months - I just never had the time/inclination before now - and one of my favourite things we did was embark on a little Harbourside stroll/cycle at 9am on Saturday morning. We chose to go out so early because it was temporarily bright and cheery, plus I still don't do well with being around strangers. Thankfully there weren't many people about, just a few joggers and a young couple walking the most adorable, bumbling black lab puppy I've ever seen. Seriously, I'm a cat person but I can't stop thinking about it's gangly little legs. SO. CUTE.
I made the executive decision to haul along my big blogging camera to take some nicer pictures so you guys can see how lovely the Harbourside is, too! I only took a few snaps but I thought I'd share them anyways, and I've left them completely unedited so you can see just how beautiful it is, naturally. This is only a small portion of it but it's my favourite part. The other side heads towards the town centre and I wasn't up for that that day!


  1. You took such lovely photos! I particularly like the "take the time to smile" graffiti piece. 😊


  2. Wonderful photos. I love the harbourside - great to stroll around on a sunny day.

  3. It's so pretty! I always love all the colourful houses... Wish the town I lived in had more colour!

  4. It looks like you had a nice little adventure and took some really pretty pictures! Those little pastel houses look super adorable.

  5. love this photograph!
    have a great day!


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