Mini Charity Shop Haul

On Wednesday my Dad & I had our first adventure day of the year and we decided to go charity shopping. You all know that charity shopping is one of my favourite things to do - I even bought most of my Christmas presents from them last year! - and it's especially fun after New Year because a lot of people will have de-cluttered after Christmas and showered their local charity shops with goodies for me to buy!

I actually got a pretty good haul: three little trinkets for me, a Topman t-shirt for my brother which I'm giving him for his birthday, a Soap & Glory moisturiser (sealed & unused!) for my Mum and a beautiful ceramic watering can for the kitchen. Mum's currently redecorating and she's going for a ~ country kitchen ~ kinda theme and I thought it would look nice in the windowsill with some herbs planted in it.
Of the things I bought for myself, they're all quite similar in terms of design. I've been inspired to refresh my bedroom (again) recently and I want a few more pretty vintage dĂ©cor pieces to balance out all of the modern furniture I've acquired over the past few years. The first thing I spotted was the oval ceramic dish at the back of the photo. It was just £1 but I was undecided on it so left it behind and decided if I still wanted it (and it was still there) when I'd visited the rest of the shops I'd get it. Obviously I went back to get it and also ended up spying the 'happiness lies within' ceramic cup which I'm going to put my make-up brushes in. My final - and favourite - item is the little white floral trinket dish which I got for 99p! I'm not sure what I'm going to put in it yet - I'm thinking maybe hair grips? - but I frickin' love it.
What I Bought ::
'Happiness Lies Within' ceramic mug - £1.50
Oval floral ceramic dish - £1
Floral ceramic trinket dish with lid - £1
Topman T-shirt - £1
Soap & Glory moisturiser - £1
Ceramic watering can - £1.50

All in all I spent £7 which I think is pretty good going considering the things I bought! I'm hoping to spend a lot more time & money in charity shops this year - I'm planning an epic charity shop tour for my birthday, which is about as wild as I can get - and I'm about to compile a list of all the books on my wish-list to keep with me (and send to my Dad) when I go next!

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  1. This is great - you always inspire me to do more charity shop shopping! I don't get to go to too many charity shops as I never go into my local town, and my nearest town where I usually go doesn't actually have many. Which sucks. Great haul! x x

  2. such a lovely haul, I absolutely love the ceramic mug :) both the design and the quote are so beautiful. I hope you had a good week, happy weekend! x


  3. The mug and trinket box especially are just precious! I really need to start going to charity shops more often again, I used to when I was younger but fell out of the habit and never picked it back up again. Such a shame since it's probably the most ethical and environmentally friendly way to shop!

    The Zombie Said

  4. I love charity shops, you never quite know what treasures are waiting to be found within! x

  5. Ah you did so well Lauren! I love having a look in charity shops, there are SO many great ones in my hometown (: Totally love the floral patterns on your ceramics!

  6. You found some cute pieces! I love the ceramic mug the most! ♥

  7. Cute finds! I love a good wander around the charity shops.

    1. Also, thank you for being so kind about my poem <3

  8. Oh wow you found some really lovely stuff!! I was in a charity shop last week and bought a really nice black jumper type top. I really want to go back and have a further look in all the charity shops in that area, as it's not often I get to go to them.

    Toni xx

  9. Every time you post these I tell myself I really need to try charity shops more, but just never do! I love those ceramic pots you found! So, so pretty!


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