The Happy List 11

In order to make way for my new Self Care Sunday series I've had to go back to the drawing board regarding my Sunday Posts. On the one hand I like keeping track of things that happen through-out the month in those little posts but on the other hand I really don't get up to a lot and I felt like I was repeating myself a lot of the time. Instead I've decided to bring back my Happy Lists in order to still share some of the lovely things that happen without being bogged down with 'I still can't leave the house'.

On that note, I have been feeling quite down this week because of a giant panic attack I had on Monday. It caused my first appointment with my new mental health team to be rescheduled and they'll be coming to me at home instead. I'm not sure when this will be and I completely understand that I forfeited my original appointment so I'm just patiently waiting until they have some time free for me.
1. So my Instax camera is my new favourite thing. My Dad gave me it for Christmas and I took a few photos on Boxing Day, as well as a few on my brother's birthday which was on Tuesday. I'm not sure how to store or display them yet - I'm torn between hanging them nicely in my room or adding them into my scrapbook.

2. Speaking of: I started a scrapbook! It's a lot more simple and paired-back compared to others I've seen because I am artistically inept but I've completed my 2016 one and am beginning to work on my one for 2017. I'm considering going back and doing 2015 as well because I got up to some really cool things - like my holiday with my Dad and getting my nose pierced - and I'd like to have the physical memories instead of trusting Instagram to look after them for me.
3. On Monday (after the aforementioned rubbish stuff) I made my brother a Kinder Bueno cheesecake! It was his 18th birthday on Tuesday but I needed the cake to set overnight in the fridge so I cracked on with it on Monday afternoon. It was quite therapeutic actually and calmed me down. I followed this recipe from Jane's Patisserie although I swapped some of the ingredients she recommended with those that fit better into my budget. In other words: I used Sainsbury's basics of everything else to make up for the fact that the Kinder chocolate and Kinder Buenos cost a small fortune. According to my family it's the best cheesecake they've ever eaten, so I can fully recommend using the cheaper ingredients!

4. Sherlock returned this month! I am going to get to the point though and say that the only episode qualified for this Happy List is the second episode - I hated the first and disliked the third. The Lying Detective was SO good! Tense, thrilling, clever, heart-wrenching and shocking. The other two don't even compare in terms of plot, although they were both visually stunning and pulled on my heart strings in terms of character development.  

5. I fiiiinally wrote my OCD post on Wednesday and published it as soon as I'd finished it. One thing I've figured out about myself and my blog recently is that I don't do well with sharing in halves. When I do something I put my heart and soul into it and I couldn't keep something like this a secret or hidden, I just couldn't. I felt like it was holding me back and I feel so much better now it's out there.

6. And finally, a little mention to the anime blog post I wrote a few days ago. I'm fully aware that anime is a very niche thing but I now have a whole section/tag on my blog for 'tech, gaming and anime' which makes me happy. The post is all about the anime I've watched so far and I spent at least an hour sourcing GIFs to go along with it, which put me in such a good mood! The post will be coming your way next week.

So what little things have made you happy recently? Do leave me your own lists in the comments because I genuinely love to read them.


  1. This was such a lovely post to read, thank you so much for sharing! Instax cameras look so good, I'd love to have one. Oh my goodness, that cheesecake looks AMAZING!! I'll need to give it a try, although I'll definitely do the same as yourself and swap ingredients for cheaper alternatives - I love a good bargain!

    Carolyn x
    Faithfully Carolyn

  2. Great post Lauren! I've been wanting an instax camera for aaaaages!! That cheesecake looks yummy!! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

  3. The kinder bueno cake looks amazing! I love that you now have a whole section just for tech, gaming and anime! I could spend days reading all them posts. I have an Instax too and it's the best thing ever! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. This is such a lovely list Lauren :) The cake you made for your brother looks so so good, I'm sure it was delicious! Also, I hope your mental health team will find time for you soon, sending you a big hug x


  5. I've never liked cheesecake (or kinder buenos tbh haha) but that cheesecake seriously looks AMAZING. Would love to see some scrapbooking. (unless it's personal obviously!) I really need to get back into mine.


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