3 Booktubers To Watch Today

I love reading and writing blog posts about books, but sometimes there's nothing better than watching someone talk about books that has that certain book-lover look in their eyes. I am actually really fussy about the BookTubers (Book-YouTubers) that I watch, although that may just be fussiness over YouTube in general, so today I thought I'd share my 3 current favourite BookTubers!

1. Sasha // A Book Utopia. If you are a lover of BookTube then you may already have heard of Sasha Alsberg! Her channel is a mix of book reviews, fun book-related tags and reactions to exciting things such as the Shadowhunters casting & the new Mockingjay trailer! I literally get all of my 'up & coming' release news from Sasha, and she's so quick to film a reaction & upload that I'm always in the loop. I love her personality and it just seems like we have the same taste in books, because whatever she's currently reading always ends up on my to-read list!
2. Catriona // Little Book Owl. I love Cat's channel! She has a more diverse reading taste than I do, so she always opens me to up to other books I might not have considered reading. I love her especially for her reviews - they're so in-depth and she's so well spoken during them, she literally gives you any information you could have wanted and more. Also - her bookshelves. Omgggg, I would die for her bookshelves. They're even colour coded!
3. Zoe // Read By Zoe. Zoe is a very recent find of mine, but I've pretty much backtracked & watched all of her videos from last year, too. Just like Cat and Sasha, she opens me up into different genres as she reads a lot more contemporary than I do, which is something I want to change! I just really like her 'stage' (?)  presence and find her so easy to watch, even if she's talking about something I'm not interested in!
Who are your favourite BookTubers? Leave your recommendations in the comments - I'm always on the look out for new people to watch!


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Going to check them out now :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. I love Booktube! I want to start a channel one day. My favourites are Katytastic and Vincentvanstop.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    1. I'd love to start a channel too! My accent makes me reluctant though haha. Thank you! x

  3. Fantastic post, I've been trying to find a couple new booktubers to watch for a while now. My faves are "the book life" and "Books and Quills"




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