How I Can Tell It's Christmas

{ B l o g m a s :: day twenty-two }

My Animal Crossing: New Leaf villagers are all wearing festive jumpers & keep dropping hints for Toy Day.
We've got the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special on repeat.
My little sister keeps randomly bursting into excited squeals / giggles when she remembers we're mere days away.
Everyone is off of work / school and we're practically tripping over each other in our little house.
Our dogs are wearing their Christmas knit jumpers out on our walks.
The kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer are stuffed with food we're not allowed to eat.
My mum keeps making mad dashes to the Pound shop for last-minute stocking fillers, batteries and snacks.
Christmas songs are playing through speakers whilst I'm doing my weekly food shop.
There's a palatable buzz in the air, tinged with equal amounts of stress and excitement.
I've got my Christmas Day outfit washed and ready to go. (It's a bottle-green ASOS skater dress I found in a charity shop, if you're wondering)
My dad keeps threatening to 'cancel Christmas' next year, the same way he has since my brother and I were tiny.
I've uttered the word 'Blogmas' approximately 675483902 times within the past three weeks.
Ditto 'Vlogmas'.
My mum has been spending an hour every evening hand-making Christmas decorations for various friends and the school fayre.
There's a cream lantern filled with baubles standing by my fire place.
We've had the fire going every night for the past week.
Yells of "GET OUT I'M WRAPPING YOUR PRESENTS" have become a daily occurrence.
My Animal Crossing: New Leaf town is covered in snow.
My bedside bookcase is covered in pretty cards from my blogging pals.
My bedroom smells like Lush Christmas bath bombs, the scent coming from both my own collection and Luke's Christmas stocking.

How can you tell it's Christmas? Leave me your own little list in the comments ~


  1. I miss Animal Crossing SO much :( I'm going to have to treat myself to a new DS and Animal Crossing I think! Your dogs jumpers are amazing, so cute!
    Your Christmas day outfit sounds lovely! I hope to see photos on the big day! I bet you'll suit bottle green so so well!
    This post is really perfect, my life at Christmas sounds so similar to this haha!
    Your vegan baked goods look amazinggggg <3
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all of your loved ones <3

  2. Aw I loved this post! I could agree with so many of these! Just reading this post has got me in the festive spirit

  3. Aw so many of these things! But also, Christmas films being on the telly, outdoor lights filling our street and the Christmas jumpers being out!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Lauren! xx

  4. All the snow and talk of toy day in Animal Crossing is making me feel all festive too! + your dogs look super cute in their Christmas outfits!


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