The Sunday Post 17

{ B l o g m a s :: day eleven }

How are we liking Blogmas so far then gang?! This has been the first full week of posting every day since it started and I think it's going pretty well. I'm really proud of all of the posts that have gone up so far and I'm even more excited for the ones to come. I just hope you're not sick of me yet! (Genuinely tho, I'm terrified.)

one. On Monday I had what I could only describe as a vegan baking extravaganza. I made banana bread (using this recipe), vegan gingerbread (recipe to come!) and mince pies. Would you believe me if I told you I've never eaten a mince pie before? Would you also believe me if I told you this was because I genuinely thought they were made from mince meat? Whatta dweeb. Turns out they're made from fruits and spices which is equally as disgusting to me but ~ Christmas ~. Admittedly I didn't make my pastry from scratch and bought it from Sainsburys... and I didn't roll it because it came pre-rolled... but I got to use my cookie cutters and cupcake pan and I did tidy up afterwards. I know traditionally mince pies have star-shaped pastry on top but I found a rly little Christmas-tree-shaped cookie cutter in my box and thought it would look pretty. I used a wine class to cut the circles out and filled them with slightly-less-than-a-teaspoon of mincemeat. I baked them for about 14-16 minutes in total and according to my fam they were perfect.
two. I also learned how to make pompoms this week! Granted they aren't difficult but I am so inept when it comes to crafting. (Also I can't even think that word without thinking of Dan & Phil ffs.) I made myself a little set of pompom wheels out of cardboard and pinched some of my mum's synthetic yarn and went to town! I am o b s e s s e d with making pompoms now. It's not even fun to do but as soon as I finish one I'm already planning which colour I'm going to do next. I rly want to replace the photos from my DIY photo display with pompoms because I think it'll look cute and I want to put the photos in my scrapbook. I'm also making a pompom garland for our Christmas tree!

three. I photographed my Animal Crossing: New Leaf Winter town tour on Wednesday and I am beyond excited to post it! It'll be up on Tuesday at 8am if you're interested. I have all of next week's blog posts scheduled and ready to go (aside from my Sunday Post obvs) and I think it's my favourite round of posts so far!
four.  My final Christmas present arrived on Thursday along with several Christmas cards from a few of my favourite blogging babes! I have six in total now and without sounding like a complete knob I'm a little overwhelmed by it. I'm just not the sort of person that has a lot of friends and to think that people have hand-written cards to send me just makes me v happy. Just look how cute they all look together! I don't ever want to take them down hah.

five. Luke and I watched the entirety of Game of Thrones season six across Tuesday & Wednesday and tbh I found it quite... boring? I feel like it was a filler season and didn't serve much of a purpose besides getting from point A to point B. The ending was very exciting and I can't wait to see what's in store next season but yeah, this season was just a bit blah. The only real highlight for me was Jon Snow who looked fine as f with his shorter hair. I did cry at episode five though which surprised both of us because I didn't really think I cared for ~ that character ~ but I think it was fit that got to me!

six. Finally, I have to give a little shoutout to Sarah (@@thevnicelife) who is nailing Vlogmas this year! I'm not even lying when I say I count down the hours until her new video is up. Her Vlogmas is the first video I'll watch on an evening too which is quite a feat because I usually go straight for the Zoella vlogs! If you haven't subscribed to Sarah's channel already then go subscribe right now because I love all of her videos.

Overall this week I've been feeling particularly bad mentally and have had a few scary moments but I'm coping quite well, I think. In all honestly I think it's a mix between the impending pressure of Christmas Day and the fact that I'm due on my period which is messing me up. I'm keeping my head above water, though, and am hoping to just ride this negative wave until it goes away.

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  1. I never had a mince pie before either! I actually also thought they were made from meat, hence why I never had one. Plus, they're not that popular in the US. I love how you added the Christmas trees to the top of the pies, such a cute idea! Looking forward to all your blogmas posts! ♥

  2. Aw your Christmas cards are lovely! I really need to send out more as I love it when they appear in the post. I'm still on like season 3 of GOT, I really need to catch up!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Those mince pies really do look delicious! I'm not a fan either though, and also avoided them for years because I didn't realise they weren't meaty haha.

  4. Those mince pies look so nice even though I'm not really a fan hahaa, still need to make your bannana bread as well! Glad you're feeling positive about your week and I've been really enjoying your blogmas and yeah episode 5 is so bad I cried like a lil' bitch hahaha!


  5. I find Christmas very hard, mentally. There's so much pressure to make it perfect, buy the right presents, be with the right people etc. It gets me down and I'll be glad when it's all over for another year, to be honest! Those mince pies are so cute, I love the Christmas Tree design! x x


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