Let's Talk About The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

{  B l o g m a s :: day ten }

These days is make-up isn't matte then I'm not interested in it. Matte lipstick, matte nail varnish, matte bronzer, matte highlight... you name it, I love it. But one of the things I'd been craving the most was a matte red lip, especially for the festivities, so I placed a Boots order for two of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. I chose the shades Madrid and Copenhagen.

I swear everyone and their cat has tried one of these babies since their arrival to the UK a few months ago and Copenhagen seems to be one of the most popular shades. It appears a lot more brown-toned in the tube but upon the lips its more burgundy. Madrid is the redder of the two and I'd describe it as a 'true red'. It's pink-toned rather than orange-toned, though, so it's really wearable and contrasts nicely with my uber pale skin. It looks a funny colour in the tube but it's a lot prettier than it seems, I promise!
The first thing I noticed when I unscrewed the cap was how small the applicator is. It's not as plump and fluffy as I'd like, in fact it's quite hard and compact, and makes application a little messy and difficult. The lip cream itself is a dreeeeam, it's so soft and spreadable, but even that was a slight issue for me as it would glide across my lips so effortlessly that I kept losing control of it. I'm not sure if it's just my poor technique or if it's the fact that the shades are dark but it took me a while to apply it evenly and cleanly. After a few tries I got the hang of it and found it was a lot easier to apply if I used small, gentle movements. The wand also tends to push a lot of the product upwards which meant it bunched together around the outline of my lips and I had to tidy it up with a cotton bud. The lip cream also has a distinct scent to it, I'd describe it as 'marshmallow-y' which I think might put some people off. Once the cream dries the scent mellows but it is a little potent at first.
Both Copenhagen and Madrid are quite sheer upon first application but it's buildable. You definitely need to let it sit to dry a little between layers, though, or it will literally never dry. Once it is completely dry it is ridiculously comfortable to wear, I almost forget about it. It feels like I'm wearing something but it's soft and not heavy. I've eaten jacket potato and apple slices whilst wearing Copenhagen and it wore a little but the overall effect was very impressive. It's definitely a contender for Christmas Day!

Overall I really like these lip creams! I think they look great and feel great to wear but the application is so difficult. Once you get the hang of it they really are a dream though and I've added so many of the other shades onto my wish-list. I literally can't stop wearing Madrid, which surprises me because I've been after Copenhagen for-frickin-ever. If you see me on Snapchat wearing a red lip it's probably Madrid!

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  1. Both colours are so lovely. I've never actually tried any NYX products, and I keep meaning to have a look at them!


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