The Sunday Post 19 (A Day Early!)

{ B l o g m a s :: day twenty-four }
I've only gone and completed Blogmas haven't I?!?!

I had all of this week's posts scheduled and ready to go last weekend but I didn't want to say I'd completed it until I'd written & scheduled this post! I had some seriously shaky moments this month but because I made sure I'd scheduled myself a week ahead at all times it meant that I could have bad days without worrying I'd fail which is what took me down last year. It's honestly been a lot of fun and I really hope you've enjoyed all of my posts because I worked really hard on them.
{ Yum vegan ice cream courtesy of my mommy. }

This week has been quite an important one for me and it seems like all of the issues I've faced and dealt with this year are finally resolving themselves in one swoop. I should say though that they aren't resolving themselves, exactly - I've pushed myself incredibly hard to get on top of things (finally) and I've been rewarded for doing so.
Tuesday was a pretty momentous day for me. I had a doctors appointment and I basically told my doctor a lot of things I'd kept hidden for the past year and I've been diagnosed with something other than anxiety. I'm sure I'll talk about it more openly in the New Year - I just want Christmas out of the way first - but despite it being a scary thing I actually am beginning to feel quite hopeful for the first time in a really long time. This entire year we've been treating the wrong thing but now I've been diagnosed with what I've actually been struggling with I can begin to get help and things can sort themselves out. After my appointment (and once I had finished crying) I treated myself to a Lush bath and I used So White which is my favourite from the Christmas collection this year.
I've been pretty absent online since then because I've just been working things out. I've already begun to set up support for next year (I've got an appointment in January, at least) which I worked out all for myself which makes me incredibly proud.

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Watched this week ::
Sherlock season three.
Rise of The Guardians (it was on BBC1 and it was actually adorable).


  1. Well done on completing Blogmas, girly! That's incredible! Hope you (and Luna!) have the most wonderful Christmas x

  2. Well done on completing Blogmas, and also on taking that big step for your health! I think you've been really inspiring this year, especially with all the personal stuff you've been blogging about. Merry Christmas Lauren! x

  3. Congrats on finishing Blogmas! I really enjoyed reading all of your posts this month. I'm glad you could openly talk with your doctor. You actually inspired me to go to the doctor in November to get a check up and I'm glad I did. Thank you! ♥

  4. Good on you for speaking to your doctor. Wishing you a lovely 2017 Lauren x

  5. Congratulations on completing Blogmas, that's a huge achievement, well done! And good on you for speaking to the DR, this is a really good start now. You can really start making progress now with the right support for the right thing. I hope 2017 is really, really good for you! x x


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