The Happy List Project 04

{ B l o g m a s :: day twenty }

We're in the final stretch!! I know Christmas Week started yesterday but it doesn't feel real to me until we hit the twenties. Today I thought I'd share what will probably be the final Happy List Project post of the year! I have another list of my own as well as two lists from my favourite blogger babes.

My List.
♥ Sending and receiving hand-written notes, cards & letters.
♥ Tortilla chips shaped like Christmas trees.
♥ Freshly painted nails.
♥ The reaction from my mum when she comes home to freshly baked goods.
♥ The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Madrid.
♥ Brightening photos on Instagram. (Guilty as charged)
♥ Having something in common with someone.
♥ Making people laugh.
♥ Good puns. Bad puns. Stupid puns. ALL the puns.
♥ Marina, Melba and Portia aka my favourite ACNL villagers.
♥ Becoming such good friends with someone that I can torment them. It's how I show my love.
♥ Burnham-On-Sea.
♥ Luna's little paw pads.
♥ Roast potatoes with gravy and veg. 
Katie's List.

♥ Saturday morning Park Runs.
♥ Charlie snoring at the end of my bed.
♥ The Saccone-Joly vlogs.
♥ Monday Pub Quiz nights.
♥ Tom Fletcher.
♥ Seeing Christmas decorations up.
♥ The Vampire Diaries.
♥ Driving in my own car.
♥ Rugby League.
♥ Cute nights in with my mum watching tv.
♥ Cosy jumpers.
♥ Cinnamon biscuits, cakes, candles, everything.
♥ David Attenborough and his documentaries.
♥ Reading magazines.
Imogen's List.
♥ Sitting with my cats.
♥ Finding things in pockets.
♥ Hot baths.
♥ The creak of opening a fresh book.
♥ Chocolate.
♥ Hitting publish on a blog post.
♥ Skype calls.
♥ 90s TV shows.
♥ Unchipped nails.
♥ Putting IKEA furniture together.
♥ New podcast episodes.
♥ Snow in Animal Crossing.
♥ Blogging friends.
♥ Clean glasses.

It's been so lovely to receive these lists from two of my best blogging friends because it's amazing how much we genuinely have in common. SO many of the things on both Katie's and Imogen's lists could easily have made it onto my own. IT'S THE BEST <3

I don't have any other lists lined up to continue this series so this might be the final one! If you'd like to be involved, though, email me your list at or tweet me @whatlaaurendid on Twitter! In the meantime, catch up with the previous instalments here and don't forget to check back at 8am tomorrow for another Blogmas post.


  1. Ahhh! Honoured to share a post with both you and Katie, you're both amazing!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  2. Love these things! I love the Christmas tree shaped tortilla chip, haha, so odd and lovely! I love that Tom Fletcher is on there - I totally agree, Tom and Giovanna always brighten my day!

    Please continue with these, they always remind me that its the little things that can really bring happiness and I love reading them! I'd love to take part if you do continue so I'll be in touch!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  3. Oh gawd I could eat roast potatoes with gravy ALL day everyday. So envious that you have Portia on your ACNL! I've not played in absolutely ages and I'm terrified that Daisy (my favourite villager!) has moved! x

  4. Aw <3 I can actually relate to so many things on yours and Imgoen's lists too! I hope this series goes on forever haha! xx

  5. Love these posts! Freshly painted nails, puns and paw pads are some of my favorite thing as well! ♥


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