The Sunday Post 16

{ B l o g m a s :: day four }

Hihi! Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Sunday Post ~

This week has been exceptionally ordinary but I've kind of loved it. I was still ill at the beginning of the week and I've been working really hard on not letting it effect my anxiety which has actually been going well. I'm feeling a lot better & it's kind of overwhelming how much better I'm coping with being ill now! Literally this time last year I got ill and I let it completely overthrow me but I'm keeping my head this time and going out despite feeing nauseous.

one. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday working on Blogmas because I wanted to get almost all of the posts done before December 1st. I have a post coming soon all about how I organise my blog but I basically just spent the two days going from a spreadsheet to Blogger to notebooks to my phone and back again. 90% of my posts are scheduled and ready to go though so it was a pretty productive two days!
two. I did go out on Monday though and posted my Christmas cards! I organised a little blogger Christmas card swap for myself and I had 12 cards to post in total which makes me v happy. I got my cards from Paperchase and I love them! I can't wait to receive all of my cards & to display them nicely together. I've never exchanged Christmas cards with anyone before (aside from the lovely Victoria last year) and it was quite a novel experience for me!
three. On Wednesday I went out with my Dad and I finished my Christmas shopping!! Like I said, last year I got ill during December and wasn't able to go out and buy gifts so I wanted to have everything ready before December 1st this year. I also wanted to save myself the stress of going shopping whilst the shops are busy - I'm getting better with my anxiety, but I'm not quite there yet. What I didn't buy in-store I ordered online and I just have one more delivery to arrive before I can start wrapping!
four. Thursday I spent most of my day sorting out my bedroom. I am such a tidy person in every aspect of my life aside from my bedroom which is permanently a mess! I had a mountain of stuff to sort out, two loads of washing to put away and I re-organised my bookcase. I filmed the process on Snapchat and I've also taken photos for a bookcase tour which will be coming up sometime within the next few weeks! I've filled up another bag with things to donate to a charity shop (mainly books and pyjamas) because I really do have too much stuff that I don't use and Winter Christmas is coming. I have a few more shelves to put up and a carpet to buy, plus I could do with getting some paper storage, and then my room will finally be finished! I mean, I've only lived here ten years...

four. And finally, I'm feeling tentatively festive at the moment! My mum is currently re-decorating the living room so we don't have our Christmas tree up yet but I've been watching lots of Vlogmas videos and am living vicariously through them until my home gets a little more festive. I even bought some tortilla chips shaped like Christmas trees from Sainsburys the other day. Crazy.

Currently Watching ::
Game of Thrones season six.
Poldark season one.
The Walking Dead season five.
Strictly Come Dancing.
Vlogmas videos.

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Well, that's all for today. I hope you're enjoying Blogmas so far! I'm off to schedule next week's blog Tweets. Funfunfun ~


  1. I am so glad you received your card, I loved exchanging them with you! Please do a room tour when your bedroom is finished, I would love to see it and I can't wait to see your bookcase too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Your bookcase looks amazing! I can't wait to see more of it in the new post. Well done on getting your Christmas shopping and cards done. You're more organised than me! x x


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