Christmas Gift Guide | £1 Stocking Fillers

{ B l o g m a s :: day eight }

Now we're almost halfway towards Christmas Day I'd like to think that most of us have the main bulk of our Christmas shopping done, but there's still a little time to pick up stocking fillers. I did a gift guide like this last year and the idea of it went down really well with you guys so I thought I'd revive it for 2016!

I've tried my best to pick a variety of items that will suit anyone, including students and parents, and hope it's semi-inclusive! I didn't want to do like a "Stocking Fillers for Her / Him" because it's not my job to gender anybody. I personally would have no issues with gifting a lot of these items to my dad / brother / boyfriend but they'd also be appreciated by my mum / friends.

I'll be working my way through the list from the top L - bottom R.

1. Post It Mini Book, £1. Tiger Stores. This little ring-bound book contains lots of mini post-it notes which would be perfect for planners and revision work!

2. Leafy & Lovely Bath Fizzer, £1. Superdrug. Superdrug carry quite a few cruelty-free Christmas gift brands, including Leafy & Lovely and Flutter. This bath fizzer is currently on offer for £1 (although I've never seen it full price) and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

3. Cacti Post Card, 70p. Paperchase. I think this would look so nice as part of a print or gallery wall. You could even pop it into a frame (Wilko do nice cheap ones) to make it a lil bit more special.

4. Original Source Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel, £1. Poundworld. Original Source is my favourite shower gel brand and I have built up quite a collection! I don't ever pay full price for mine as you can always find them in Poundland, Poundworld, B&M and the like for £1.

5. Looking Good Pocket Mirror, 75p. Wilko. This little pocket mirror is cute af and perfect for keeping in your bag. No need to check your hair / eyeliner in your iPhone camera anymore!

6. Iwako Blue Biscuit Eraser, £1. Paperchase. This is one of many erasers from the Iwako collection in Paperchase but it's one of the cutest in my opinion. If blue biscuits aren't your thang you could also consider the football, lionwhale shark or pink unicorn.

7. Shot Glasses, £1. Poundland. I love these little handled shot glasses! I personally don't drink alcohol but I bet they'd be appreciated by students / your brother / your best friend. As they only cost £1 for a set of four you could use your spare cash to buy them a little bottle of alcohol to go with it. { Please drink responsibly! }

8. Two Pack Lace Candle Holders, £1. Poundland. I think these are so pretty. You can use them as candle holders as advertised or you could use them to hold your make-up brushes / pens / loose change.

9. Revision Cards, £1. Wilko. Many of my fellow blogging ladies are currently in education so I thought I'd add in these adorable revision cards which should hopefully see you through the exam season! Even if you're not in education you could use these for work or creatively if you're working on a specific project and need little bits of information to hand quickly.

10. Crunchy Biscoff Spread, £1. Poundworld. This may seem like a bit of a strange thing to gift someone but we go through this spread so quickly in my house that it seems logical to buy everyone their own jar for Christmas. Poundworld do mini jars of both the smooth and crunchy spread, plus it's suitable for vegans! 

11. Wax Tarts, 99p each. Bloom Candles. I originally had some Yankee Candle tarts down for this but as I'm being more conscious with where I buy gifts this year it seemed fitting to add in some tarts from a small business instead. You can get the Bloom Candles tarts in a variety of scents including Sea Breeze, Mango Sorbet and Candy. 

12. Santa Biscuit Mug, £1. Poundland. How adorable is this lil Santa mug? Perfect for serial tea drinkers and biscuit dunkers as they can safely pop their favourite biscuits into the bottom.

13. Cooling Cucumber Face Mask (Sensitive Skin), 99p. Superdrug. This is my favourite face mask! It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh and helps reduce oiliness and breakouts. As it's for sensitive skin it's perfect for gifting as it'll work with any skin type.

Aside from these glorious little bits and pieces, I love to receive jelly beans and sachets of un-popped popcorn in my stocking. Home Bargains and B&M are the best places for little confectionary pieces like that!

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  1. I didn't even know they had Biscoff spread in Poundworld! Original Source shower gel is always a stocking filler winner in my book too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Great post! Just goes to show you don't have to spend a lot to buy a really great gift. I'd be happy to receive pretty much everything you've listed. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. Getting that biscoff spread for Christmas would actually make my day haha. It tastes sooooo good.


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