Things I Need To Start Doing

{ B l o g m a s :: day seven }

Following on from last month's post sharing Things I Need To Stop Doing, I thought I'd write a little list of the things I need to start doing.

Implementing a morning routine.
♥ Taking more personal photographs.
Believing in myself.
♥ Saving more money than I spend.
♥ Leaving the house every day.
Reciting positive affirmations that don't make me feel like a knob.
Riding my bike once a week.
Calling my Nan once a week.
Getting into bed by 10.30pm.
Turning off my social media notifications.
♥ Posting on Instagram more often.
♥ Feeling the fear & doing it anyway.

I'm seriously considering adding a number of these things onto my 2017 goals list as they're things I really feel I need to work on. Hopefully starting them now will make them easier to achieve next year ~


  1. These are all really great positive things to do :)

  2. Yes Lauren! Believe in yourself! You are the best! *shakes pom poms*
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  3. All very positive, good things to do so good luck! :) x x

  4. These are all wonderful goals that I need to start doing as well. Especially getting to bed before midnight! ♥

  5. Swap nan for dad, scrub out the 10.30 bed time, and put exercise in front of bike and that's pretty much what I need to be doing too. p.s What book is in your photo?. I wish you luck in achieving your goals x x x

    Jamie-Leigh x x


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