ACNL | Winter In Hogwarts

{ B l o g m a s :: day thirteen }

I've wanted to do a tour of my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town for the longest time and now that it's Winter in Hogwarts it seemed like the perfect time to do one. Winter is my favourite time to play Animal Crossing because my town is covered in snow and it just feels very nostalgic. I think this might be because I got my 3DS & New Leaf for Christmas a few years ago so it was the season I started with!

Current Villagers ::
Melba, Molly, Marina, Portia, Hopper,
 Winnie, Eugene, Cousteu, Rocket.
Current PWPs ::
Campsite, 2 x Fairytale Benches, Drinking Fountain, 2x Stone Bridges,
Illuminated Clock, Modern Police Station, Classic Café, Lighthouse
Fairytale Clock, Reset Center, Street Lamp.
Character Outfit ::
Crown, black glasses, this dress, black tights & black pumps.
Before I start the town tour I thought I'd share with you a few pictures of my updated home décor! I've added a few new furniture pieces to my main room (mainly from the Ice set & a few bits I won from fortune cookies) and I've also finished my basement kitchen!
I mainly revolved my décor scheme around the wallpaper (which I believe is Old Brick Wall) and the flooring which is the Exquisite Rug. For the furniture I've used most of the Alpine set and have re-coloured it with the darkest wood and this QR code for the fabric. I think it's a rly cute cosy rustic-style kitchen which you'd expect to find in a basement!
{ Hopper's home. }
Onto the town tour!

I chose the Fairytale theme for my town and mainly use flowers that are yellow, white, pink, purple and orange. I haaaate red, orange and yellow pansies with a passion and never use red flowers as décor. When I decided to re-landscape my town I cut down all of my trees and replanted them in a specific order / design. I don't have any plain trees in my town aside from a few pine trees as I replanted all fruit trees! I think I have all of the fruits available in the game, including bananas and coconuts on the beach, but I'm yet to get a perfect fruit! 
Most of my villagers live on the same side of town as I do and a lot of them live really close to my house, too. Eugene lives to the right of me, Hopper lives behind me and Marina and Portia live in front. On the far left from my house is Retail and Melba's house and on the far right is Coutseu's house. Winnie, Molly and Rocket live across the bridge close to the Police Station & Café.
 { My second bridge. }
{ Molly & Winnie's riverside houses with the Café behind. }
About a year ago I decided to completely re-do the landscape of my town and I spent more hours than I'd like to admit laying all of my paths. I can't find the original QR code that I used but if you type in 'ACNL Pink Brick Path' on Tumblr, Google or Pinterest you'll find some similar. I like to line my paths with flowers laid out in patterns and sometimes trees. My favourite arrangement is the pink rose / white pansy / white rose because I love the colours together and think it looks rly pretty.
I renovated my town hall into the Fairytale one but I'm still working on re-doing the train station! I need like 100 visits to my town to unlock it and I think I'm about half-way. Whenever my sister and I play ACNL together she visits my town two or three times separately to help me rack up the visits hah.  
So YAY for another gaming post! Animal Crossing, Sims 4 and Pokémon are the few games I hold dearest in my heart and I'm so glad I've finally worked up the courage to begin posting about them on my blog. It's kind of a niche thing that I expect few people to find interesting but I really would like to include more gaming content to my blogging repertoire.
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  1. Omg yours looks amazing, mine is crap, not good at decorating the town at all, my house looks good inside though =]

  2. Your winter town is so cute! I do the opposite during winter and take down my fruit trees because that's when the Christmas lights arrive. The basement kitchen is such a cute idea! As a gamer, I would love to see you talk more games on your blog. ♥

  3. Ah I love seeing other people's animal crossing towns! Your basement kitchen looks sooo cosy! I usually stuff my rooms with as much furniture as possible so they always look a little bit messy. I love winter too, the music when it is snowing is so magical and lovely!!


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