My December To Do List

{ B l o g m a s :: day one }

Um, how is it December already please? I for one am pretty damn happy to be in the final month of 2016 and am more than ready for this hellish year to be over. Before that though there are lots of lovely little things happening... including Blogmas! Yep, I've decided to go for it again this year. Last year I was struck down with mental and physical illness and failed on the 21st of December so I'm trying again this year as a bit of a 'fxck you' to my depression. It's not going to be super festive and I'm mainly planning lots of lifestyle content but I hope you (and I) will still enjoy it. Wish me luck! ~

Things To Do In December 

1. Complete Blogmas.
2. Purchase a new A5 notebook for 2017.
3. Make someone else happy.
4. Eat something on Christmas Day.
5. Bake brownies and gift them to someone.
6. Make bird feeders with my sister.
7. Buy a Mooncup.
8. Catch up with The Walking Dead.
9. Go to the cinema.
10. Reflect & refresh.
11. Sort out my 2017 planner.
12. Feel okay, even if don't.

My main aims for this month revolve around bringing my mental state up to scratch because I've been struggling again recently. I entered 2016 in a horrific state and I'm hoping to exit it in a more positive, self-loving fashion. At the cinema I'm planning on either watching Moana or Fantastic Beasts (or maybe both) and I neeeed to catch up with The Walking Dead because I have season seven recorded on my TV box, although I'm seriously considering skipping episode one. The purchases I need to make include a new A5 notebook and a Mooncup - something I hope to use exclusively next year. And finally: Christmas Day. I'm anxious af about it because it was awful for me last year but I'm not putting any pressure on myself regarding eating. As long as I eat something I'm happy.

What do you hope to do before 2017?


  1. Good luck for Blogmas, I decided not to commit to it this year, but instead commit to posting more than normal.. I always seem to fail Blogmas so I thought if I at least write more than normal, then that's better than not trying at all x Lovely first post x x

    Jamie-Leigh x

  2. Good luck with Blogmas, I hope you have a great December!

    Ella xx

  3. Good luck with Blogmas, I have every faith in you that you can do it! You need to try and see Fantastic Beasts because it was amazing :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. Buying a mooncup has literally been on my to do list for about 3 months. I recently got the box set of Parks & Recreation and basically said goodbye to my social life in the process haha!

  5. You seriously need to A) See Fantastic Beasts in cinema and B) Catch up on TWD and by no means do NOT skip ep 1. Good luck with Blogmas, although I already know you'll be just fine. Loving your regular content, at this point I'm checking your blog like 3/4 times a week HAHA. #fangirl

    I love the idea of the bird feeders, I remember making these years ago with yoghurt and nuts and seeds.

  6. I love your idea of listing your plans for the month! Making bird feeders is so much fun. :)


  7. Good luck with your to-do's! So much respect for people who can do Blogmas - I just know I couldn't! x x


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