Things To Do On A Down Day

I'm doing pretty well with my depression at the moment, but sometimes I just wake up and the entire world feels grey. I can liken the 'sensation' of depression to wearing a heavy dark uncomfortable fur jacket that pulls down at your shoulders and smothers you. Of course mentally it's a whole other story, but I do feel like my body is weighted by it, too. Sometimes it makes it impossible to do things, but here is a list of twenty-something things I do on days like today when the world just seems a little darker.

one | stay off of social media. I often find comfort in talking to my online friends, but it's not always possible to avoid pop culture / political news and on my sensitive days it effects me more than usual. Twitter and Facebook are two platforms I make a note to avoid, although I still scroll through Instagram and Pinterest!
two | wear your softest jumper, mis-matched socks and a big scarf. I protect myself from my thoughts and the world through the medium of comfort, always.
three | play Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I like to water my flowers, talk to my favourite villagers (Melba and Marina) and spend a little time catching fish.
four | write a 'done' list. I think back over the past few days and write down everything I've achieved, even if it's something tiny like wash my hair / reply to blog comments / put a load of washing on.
five | drink lots of water.
six | talk to someone. I don't always tell them how I'm feeling, but I'll mention it and ask them how they are.
seven | scroll through my 'head up' board on Pinterest, or create your own.
eight | allow yourself to feel whatever you feel without judgement.
nine | get clean. I'll change my underwear, cleanse my face, brush my teeth and put on deodorant and perfume. On my worst days even this is difficult, but I always feel better and more 'together' once I've done it.
ten | get outside. Again, on my worst days, I often don't make it out of my front door. But even sitting on the doorstep or my little sister's trampoline in the back garden makes me feel better.  If you're feeling braver, try going for a walk. Take your iPod, some earphones and a camera. Take photos of anything that piques your interest.
eleven | read your own blog archive. I like to do this - particularly my lifestyle/personal posts - to remind myself of when I've been happy and to relive little moments.  
twelve | remind yourself that you'll be okay. Even the darkest of days lasts only 24 hours.
thirteen | read through your favourite blogs' archives. My personal favourites are Daisybutter and Vivatramp
fourteen | watch Tangled, or your Disney Princess movie of choice.
fifteen | read a book featuring a bad-ass heroine or hero to inspire you. My favourites are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and The Infernal Devices.
sixteen | make some plans. Whether that's to go to the cinema in two weeks time, to see your best friend tomorrow or to treat yourself to your favourite chocolate bar when you next do the food shop.
seventeen | create yourself a positivity playlist and play it on repeat. Mine features a whole lot of All Time Low!
eighteen | go onto the Asda / Tesco grocery website and do a 'weekly shop' pretending just for a moment that you're living your best life with your boyfriend / best friend / alone in the flat of your dreams with your cat / dog / hamster. Alternatively, go onto IKEA and furnish your 'house'.
nineteen | journal, which ever way feels best to you. I personally like to fill out my habit & mood trackers and my calendar which I've drawn into my A5 notebook.
twenty | surround yourself with positive quotes. Find them on Google, Tumblr or Pinterest and post one on your Instagram, your Twitter, send one to your best friend, set one as your phone wallpaper. If you'd prefer something you can frame in your bedroom, check out Emily Coxhead's Etsy shop!
twenty-one | if this has been one of several bad days for you recently, consider looking into some external support. When was the last time you checked in with your GP? Does your local area have a Crisis Team?

twenty-two | have a good cry, if you can. I know it's not always possible, but that's okay too.

twenty-three | Nest or tidy. I always find sorting disorder into order is a great stress-reliever and I'm always less anxious when my space is tidy.
What do you do on your down days? <3

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  1. I totally get your reference to the heavy fur jacket thing, I'm writing a pot ATM about my mh and I said depression is like a big blanket draped over my shoulders.
    I should probably stay away from social media on my bad days, it really does effect my mood generally.
    I like to have done lists too! Little things are accomplishments too when it's been particularly rough week!
    Tidying the mess around me always makes me feel a bit better too!
    I hope you're having a good day today! Loved this post! xx

  2. I really needed this blog post today, as waking up to the news from America has made this a very grey day for me. I totally agree with so many of these (although I play The Sims, not Animal Crossing - but for the same reasons. Immersing yourself in another life is a great way of getting away from the depression for a little bit.) I always find tidying a great stress reliever, too! Fab post. x x

  3. This is a lovely post! I've definitely started to sway more of social media when I'm having a bad mental health day and always felt better for it. I haven't played animal crossing in years, but you've so made me want to get it out and play on it again. I recently read your acid reflux and anxiety post and it honestly made me tear up. I know it's completely irrelevant to this post, but I just had to make you aware that I could relate to it so much. I suffer with acid reflux caused by anxiety and it's such a comfort to know I'm not alone. Everything I was reading I was nodding my head in agreement. I really hope both of us can manage our symptoms better and keep on moving forward with getting ourselves in a good place! All the best xx

    Lauren |

  4. These are such great points - I think staying off social media is a very good one! Seeing what other people's lives 'seem' like can really get me down and super jealous sometimes, whether it's feeding my low body self-esteem or just people's successes. Seems petty but on my anxious or down days these things make me feel really insignificant and worthless. I also love the being clean and tidy ones - I love to have a nice relaxing bath, epilate my legs and cleanse/face mask my face and also have a clear out - 1 to clear my mind and 2 to help me feel a bit more productive and organised about things.

    That one about a food/home shop is a good idea too! I love to plan things (I live in to-do lists) so noting things down and looking for new things that I like - whether it's new blanket to put on my bed or a new food to try at Morrisons! Pinterest is good too - I don't really use it as often as I should, but its so great for inspiration for things like fashion and home decorating or even baking ideas and things! Great to keep your mind off other things!

    Hope things are going well for you at the moment!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  5. I absolutely love your tips my lovely, it is so important to make sure to have tips for when you're having a bad day. I think sometimes social media can honestly make it so much worse, but we all need a digital detox too.

    I'm always here for you my lovely if you ever need a chat.
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | BlogLovin | Twitter | Facebook

  6. This is so helpful for me at the moment! I usually take a bath or play on my DS too. I like having company of others but sometimes being alone is just as good :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  7. Thank you for this post! I've been having a difficult week but reading this really helped me. I've been playing Animal Crossing all week! lol ♥


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