Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts to Calm & DIY Self-Care Hampers

Welcome to my second gift guide of 2016!

This gift guide has been compiled mainly for those who suffer with mental health issues, although the gifts features could easily be gifted to anyone going through a stressful time. I personally I own a lot of these things and I find they help my anxiety a lot. I've chosen a mix of gifts that are either practical or pampering and each item is, once again, under £20. You could either purchase a single thing from this gift guide and give it to someone along with a bar of their favourite chocolate or you could even put together a little self-care hamper. Examples of the latter will be featured at the end of this post!
1. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith, £6.99. Amazon. I have a Wreck This Journal and it's the perfect example of at-home art therapy! (You can check out my pages here) You don't have to be particularly artsy and it's a great way to loosen up and practice self-exploration through all of the prompts.
2. Coastal Walk Room Spray, £4. M&S. Being beside the sea is one of the few places in the world I feel truly at peace. This room spray features notes of 'coastal air' along with rose and a warm, woody base. You can also get this spray in other scents, including coconut and citrus & ginger.
3. Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb, £4.25. Lush. One of two Lush bath bombs in this gift guide! Yoga Bomb is Lush's slowest fizzer and features notes of sandalwood and cassie absolute meaning it's great for unwinding and relaxing.
4. Self Care Sticker Pack, £2.50. Dorkface. If you / your gift recipient is into journaling then these self-care stickers will be perfect for scheduling time to chill out. These stickers feature reminders for taking a bubble bath, reading a book and calling a friend.
5. A Guide To Being Okay(ish) Zine, £1. Dogs Not Diets. These little zines are so lovely and are so incredibly affordable. They're around A6 size and feature hand-written advice and affirmations on a range of topics including self-care, distractions and body positivity.
6. Pukka Night Time Tea, £2.95. Sainsburys. This tea is naturally caffeine-free and contains oats and lavender meaning it's the perfect relaxing night-time blend.
7. A4 Desk Pad, £4.50. Dainty Daisy Designs. I find that planning and filling out calendars / planners eases my anxiety a lot and this desk pad is perfect for that. It features sections for to-do lists as well as 'this week's positive quote' and a 'therapeutic doodling' section.
8. Gratitude Journal, £15. Kikki K. This journal is easily the most expensive thing in this gift guide but it's so worth the money. Each page has space for you to write three things you're most grateful for each day and it's a lovely way to store all of the memories together. I can imagine it would be so lovely to read through on a down day.
9. Blue Lace Agate Thumb Stone, various prices & stockists. Blue lace agate is a crystal I personally use to ease my anxiety due to it's tranquil and nurturing properties. It's good for calming nervousness and anger and in the form of a thumb stone it's great to work with during a particularly anxious / stressful moment as you can focus your attention on rubbing the crystal with your finger or thumb. I buy my crystals from my local independent crystal store, although you can buy them on Amazon and eBay.
9. Amethyst Point Necklace, £10. Etsy. Amethyst is another crystals I personally work with as it's very calming and emotionally stabling. It's also great for stabilising your crown chakra. This necklace is an easy way to carry Amethyst through-out the day.
10. Lavender & Camomile Scented Oil, £3.50. M&S. This scented oil is to be used with a wax burner in place of the wax tart. Lavender and camomile are naturally very calming scents. This oil would be good burnt in the bedroom or bathroom during a bath!
11. Twilight Bath Bomb, £3.95. Lush. One of the most popular Lush bath bombs is Twilight due to it's calming lavender scent and the pretty bath art it creates in the water. I've used Twilight a few times and it's a lovely one for bed time!
12. Calm by Michael Acton Smith, £6.99. Amazon. I've had this book since January and it also created a bit of buzz in the blogging community recently but it's so worth the hype. Just flicking through the book and looking at the delicate pastel illustrations and script is a calming activity in itself, although it also features exercises and inspirational pieces through-out.
Hamper Ideas ::

£5 Mini Hamper :: Amethyst tumble stone (£2) / Sainsburys Sleep Moments Foam Bath (75p) / Clipper Organic Snore & Peace Tea (£1.50)
£15 Hamper :: Kikki K Habit Tracker Notebook (£4.25) / Lush Twilight Bath Bomb (£3.95) / Sainsburys Sleep Moments Foam Bath (75p) / Wilko Creative Colouring Patterns Colouring Book (£3) / Wilko 15x Colouring Pencils (£1) / Moo Free Mini Santa Chocolate Bar (£1.19)
£20 Hamper :: Calm by Michael Acton Smith (£7) / Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone (£2) / Ceramic Oil Burner (£1) / Winter Scented Oil (£3) / A4 Desk Planner (£4.50) / Dorkface Self Care Stickers (£2.50)
What do you think of these gifts?
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  1. Loved this! Some I have and the rest I now really want! :)

  2. I absolutely love this idea. I'm so interested to find out more about Crystals, I think they are absolutely gorgeous as home decor peices but I'd love to find out more about them and their benefits.


  3. I love the Sainsbury's Sleep Moments bath foam, it's such a nice treat if I want a relaxing night sleep :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. I love these ideas! I have a couple of birthdays coming up and will definitely be using some of these.
    Kim | Chimmyville


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