The Happy List Project 02

Welcome to the second instalment of my new Happy List Project! I feel the idea went down really well with all of you guys and I've had a lot of people interested in submitting their own lists so it looks like this little series is going to become a real ~thing~ which makes me v happy in itself. I wasn't going to put up this post for another week or so, but after recent events I feel like it's needed. Today I'm going to be sharing another list of my own as well as one from my nine year old sister and two new submissions!

My List
♥ The sound of my sister laughing.
♥ Petit pois.
♥ Perfectly ripe bananas.
♥ Holding Luke's hand.
♥ Watching Luna clean her little face with her paws.
♥ Harry Potter spells.
♥ Surviving something my anxiety insisted I couldn't.
♥ People that take me seriously when I'm grieving over a fictional death.
♥ Surprising my favourite people with home-baked goods.
♥ Loud singing sessions in the car with my mum.
♥ Feeling nostalgic.
♥ Seafront arcades.
♥ Talking to my brother about anime.
♥ Finding something I've wanted for ages in the sale.
Sophie's List
♥ Finding new exciting products on the Lush Kitchen.
♥ Seeing my dog Bailey's face when I come in from work.
♥ My family telling me they're proud of me for getting over my disorder.
♥ Spicy Mexican food.
♥ Cute/kawaii clothing.
♥ Plushies.
♥ Watching new Anime episodes.
♥ Having a good shift at work.
♥ Driving my car Poppy.
♥ The blogger community.
♥ Cooking.
♥ Playing Neko Atsume.
♥ My two nephews.
♥ Getting fresh flowers.
Leigh's List
♥ Horse riding.
♥ Drawing.
♥ Playing with my friends.
♥ Cheerleading.
♥ Singing & dancing.
♥ Films.
♥ Halloween.
♥ Isabelle Lightwood.
♥ Board games.
♥ My birthday.
♥ Avatar: The Last Airbender.
♥ History.
♥ Watermelon.
Maisie's List
♥ The changing colour of nature in October.
♥ The way doogtooth and tartan look together.
♥ Nespresso coffees on cold mornings.
♥ Finishing a good book.
♥ Orange juice.
♥ Meeting someone who shares the same interests and beliefs as me.
♥ The smell of burnt out candles.
♥ Spoon cuddles.
♥ Feeling my baby boy move around in my tummy.
♥ A Day To Remember. { the band }
♥ Fleetwood Mac.
♥ Freshly painted nails. { before I manage to smudge them }
♥ Forehead kisses.
♥ The blogging community.
I hope that you enjoyed this round of happiness! Don't forget you can get involved too (email me or Tweet me @whatlaaurendid) have a little peruse of the previous instalment here.

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  1. I'm so happy that you put up the second instalment, I absolutely love reading these when I need a pick me up :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I love these lists! I'm so glad that there's a mixture of all the little things as well as the big ones. I love surprising people with baking too, and I'm going to be making a big batch of cookies in the next few days to bring into work for everyone.

    Steph -

  3. I really love these - such a lovely idea and really helps you realise the little things! I love seeing petit pois and watermelon on here, haha! And I always love surprising people/being surprised with baked goods!! And finding stuff in the sale - especially something you've been really wanting, great point!

    Congrats to Sophie for overcoming her disorder, there's nothing better than people saying they're proud of you - especially family!

    Can't imagine the joy of feeling your baby moving inside you - such a lovely things to have picked out!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  4. Aw I love this idea, Lauren! It's so heartwarming to actually see a list of what makes people happy. All in the little things. (In regard to your list, yes to bananas yes.)
    Maybe let me know if you're getting around to making another one of these? I'd totally love to send you a list as well. Have a lovely weekend! <3

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  5. I really enjoy these posts! I'm glad you are going to keep posting them! ♥


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