3 More New-To-Me Blogs

2016 has been the year I've stepped away from 'niche' blogs and have truly fallen for the personal, comforting art of the lifestyle blog. A few months ago I shared 3 new-to-me blogs and today I'm here with another round!

1. Arora Appleby
I'm going to try my best to talk articulately about this blog instead of just gushing about it like I want to! Arora describes her blog as a place to share "only things you'd talk about at 3am drunk in a field with strangers." and I feel it sums it up perfectly. It's a personal lifestyle blog and features diary-like posts and life stories alongside a bunch of wellbeing and mental health musings. Each post is unlike anything I've read before and I've found a lot of comfort and inspiration in her words. A post to start with: Live life the way you want to.

2. A Fickle Fox
Upon first impressions, Emily's blog is so aesthetically pleasing. All of her photos and beautiful and bright and I adore her blog header. But beyond that is the wonderful content. Emily talks about mental health in such an honest, straight-forward way and it's incredibly comforting to read. She also posts OOTD's which are always fabulous af plus a mix of other lifestyle topics including books and beauty. A post to start with: OOTD // Witchcraft.

3. Hello Sara Lou
My girl Sara recently re-launched & rebranded her blog and I l o v e it. Her photos are always bright and beautiful and I love her lifestyle content. I'm really excited about her 'First Home' series as it's my dream to own and decorate my own home, so in the mean time I'll be living vicariously through her! We have very similar tastes in beauty and books + she's a vegetarian too! A post to start with: A little bit about me.

4. N0sebleed Sims
A little bonus entry! This final one doesn't really count as a blog because it's a YouTube channel but what can ya do. Lizzie mainly posts Lets Play videos for Sims 4 and what I love is the way she creates her Sims and turns them into characters. In each first episode of an LP she'll talk a little about the backstory and family of her main Sim and I think it's such a unique and interesting spin on something I usually get bored with. We have very similar taste in the way we dress our Sims & the way we decorate their homes so I love watching her for inspiration! A video to start with: Sims 4 City Living Let's Play - Part 1.

Who are your favourite lifestyle bloggers? And is anyone else doing Blogmas this year? This is going to be my final post before it begins! I hope you're ready for it ~


  1. Have I told you I love you before? This is so so sweet, Thank you & you already know how I feel about your little place on the Internet. It's one of the very few blogs I manually type in without having to google the link I'm on it so often.

    Sara x

  2. I love Emily's blog too but I'm definitely going to check out the other girls as well! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Oh I love discovering new blogs to read, so definitely gonna check these girls out! And I feel like watching that sims channel will be a bad idea because I know I will get totally sucked in and struggle to stop watching... I'm too curious to avoid though aha.


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