The Sunday Post 14

Hihi! Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had a lovely little week.

one. The two main things my week has consisted of has been life planning and The Walking Dead. I watched up until season four with Luke last year but I was a little bit more delicate then and couldn't cope with the blood and the action. I've since watched Game of Thrones, though, so I'm pretty desensitised now and I'm really enjoying TWD this time around. It's stressful and intense but it's also funny (at times), moving and kinda inspirational. I adore the characters (most of them anyway) and I've found that I can push through all of the gross action-y bits because I genuinely care about these people and want to know what's going to happen to them. We've just started season five and I keep crying because I know what's coming at the beginning of season seven and I'm just not ready for it.

two. The planning side of things mainly revolves around Christmas, my blog and 2017 in general. I'm trying to sort out lots of little things to help see me into 2017 positively, including having my hair trimmed again (done!) and ordering a 2017 planner (also done!). I'm also tentatively considering trying Blogmas again this year. I failed on December 21st last year because of my mental state at the time so I kind of want to try it again to prove to myself that I can do it. I won't be focusing my posts on Christmas this year because, in all honesty, I'm not a very festive person and the pressure of it got to me last time. The posts I have planned are like 10% Christmas, 90% lifestyle and I hope it'll sit well with you guys.

three. I'm currently behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge by four books and honestly I don't know if I'm going to complete it. I go through phases where I'll read obsessively for a couple of years and then won't read a thing for he next couple. I think I'm transitioning back into the 'not interested' phase and it's sad but I don't want to force myself to read if I don't want to. I just can't get into anything and I'm finding my mind wanders more often than not.
four. I paid another visit to the VX Café on Wednesday, this time with my Dad. He had an almond milk latte and I had a chocolate and caramel cookie, plus a slice of gluten-free chocolate & peanut cake to take home. I actually managed to eat a few bites of the cookie whilst sitting in the café which I'm so proud of myself for and it was goooood. I also baked a vegan banana bread this week! I burnt it a little bit it still tasted amazing - there's going to be a recipe up at the beginning of December!
five. Finally : Christmas shopping. I'm buying mostly second-hand this year and it's all coming together a lot better than I could have hoped, thanks to Facebook, eBay and charity shops. I did take a little trip to Superdrug with my Dad this week and picked up lots of little stocking items for Luke, although I also scored several other things for him from various charity shops. I bought myself some new welligogs, too, which cost me just £3! 

Posts This Week ::
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 ♥ Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts To Calm & DIY Self-Care Hamper Ideas | My second gift guide of the year! This time I focused on gifts that would bring an air of calm to someone's life, which make them perfect for someone with a mental illness. I thought a lot about the things that calmed me down when I'm anxious and included them!
♥ This Moment | A spur-of-the-moment post that I put up on Thursday right after I finished writing it. I shared a little insight into that what happening for me within a ten minute time-frame and I found it very grounding and calming.


  1. I'm going to attempt Blogmas for the first time this year and I'm already thinking it is going to be a lot of work! Like you I'm not going to make it all about Christmas though because to be honest I don't have 24 festive ideas and it'd get a bit boring! I just want to push myself to do something new and I'm hoping it'll restore my love for blogging. xx

  2. That's such an achievement that you managed to have a couple of bites of the cookie whilst in the cafe, I am so proud of you! It's a good idea that you are buying mostly second hand items for Christmas presents this year, that's such a lovely idea. Good luck with blogmas, I don't really have 25 ideas that are all festive related either it's good that your trying :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Love your wellies! I don't think Blogmas has to be all Christmas themed posts, and, like you, if I were to do it would be mostly lifestyle, some Christmas, as I'm not a very festive person either! x x


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