The Happy List Project 03

Hihi! Today I'm here to deliver another load of happiness to the blogosphere through the medium of another Happy List Project post. Today I have another list of my own as well as three lists from a few of my favourite blogging ladies.

My List. 
 Will Herondale & Jem Carstairs. { from The Infernal Devices }
 Pop! Vinyls.
 Creating character aesthetic Pinterest boards.
 Nude nail varnish.
 Geeky merchandise.
 White jelly beans.
♥ Reading fluffy romance.
♥ Fictional cross-overs.
♥ Finishing a blog post that I'm really proud of.
♥ The thrill of self-confidence I get from going out alone.
♥ Filling in my journal & calendar. { It eases my anxiety so much! }
♥ Hot water bottles on a rainy day.
♥ Glenn & Maggie. { from The Walking Dead }
♥ Helping my Mum.
Hazel's List.
 Bringing the duvet downstairs to watch a film on the sofa.
 Any kind of dip and nachos.
 Putting my scarf, hat and gloves on for a late night winter walk with my fiancé.
 The first morning of a holiday.
 Unexpected compliments.
 Discovering new songs.
 Sales in Primark.
 Mashed potatoes.
 Putting on my dressing gown.
 Friday night.
 Leaving comments on new blogs.
 Having a busy Saturday but no plans on Sunday.
 My fiancé.


Yasmina's List.
 Lush Kitchen.
 Spending time with Edd.
 New bedding.
My heated blanket.
Waking up to my Bichons jumping up at me and saying hello.
My baby nephew, Noel.
Going for a walk along the beach.
The Christmas season.
Seeing a smile on everyone's face.
Taking my bra off at night.
Disney films, especially Lilo & Stitch or Monsters Inc.
Fairy lights.
My teddy bear from my Grandma.

Steph's List.
Cinnamon-scented candles.
My other half's goofy sense of humour.
Faux-fur throw blankets.
The sound of heavy rain.
Exchanging Lesie Knope compliments with my best friend. { She is a beautiful rule-breaking moth. }
Cinnamon buns.
The first frost every Winter.
Chubby bumblebees.
Lavender flowers.
When the gym is practically empty.
Ithorians. { an alien species from Star Wars. }
Thinking about manta rays flying through the sky.

I hope that you enjoyed this round of happiness! Don't forget you can get involved too (email me or Tweet me @whatlaaurendid) have a little peruse of the previous instalments here.


  1. I will forever love reading these, thank you for including me! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. I really like these lists 😀 X


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