Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts for Harry Potter Fans

I'm really into Harry Potter again at the moment (scratch that, aren't I always?) and I feel the releases of The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts have also re-ignited the spark in a lot of other people across the word. Today I thought I'd share some gifts perfect for the budding wizard in your life ~

1. Chocolate Frog Scented Candle, £7.95. Etsy. This homemade candle carries the scent of chocolate orange and has an average burning time of 35 hours. The same seller also does Polyjuice Potion (bakewell tart & amaretto) and Ogden's Olde Fire Whiskey (apple and cinnamon).  It's a UK seller & the postage is £2.99.

2. Jelly Belly Every Flavour Beans, £2.80. Amazon. Luke bought me these for Christmas last year and they sit proudly on my shelf alongside my Jon Snow Pop! Vinyl & my pretty copy of Sherlock Holmes. These jelly beans and suitable for vegetarians and contain nearly every flavour imaginable including Black Pepper, Banana, Green Apple, Ear Wax, Tutti-Fruitti and Soap.

3. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, £9.99. Waterstones. Another gift from Luke! This set of Trivial Pursuit features 600 questions relating to every Harry Potter topic you can imagine, including Magical Creatures, Hogwarts and The Dark Arts. This will be fun to play on Christmas Day!

4. 4 Pack Hogwarts House Socks, £3.50. Primark. I feel it's v difficult to find Harry Potter merch on the high street that isn't Gryffindor so when I saw these socks I had to add them into this gift guide.

5. Hogwarts Crest Christmas Bauble, £3. Primark. Another Primark item - they're killin' it with the HP merch at the moment. This bauble is my favourite from the homeware collection, although they do also have double bedding...

6. Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, £4.25. Lush. I know this isn't technically Harry Potter related but I feel like it's so magical it needs to be included. I've used this bath bomb already - review coming next month! - but you can see it in action on my Instagram. It smells like honey and cream (v Butterbeer like) and has pretty little oil stars that float around in the water. Plus the colours make it v Ravenclaw ;)

7. Dumbledore Pop! Vinyl, £10.84. Amazon. I personally love Pop! Vinyls and think that Dumbledore is the most fabulous from the Harry Potter collection (although I do have my eye on the Hermione ball gown one). I love his purple robes and the pretty silver detailing.

8. Fantastic Beasts Screenplay, £8.50. Waterstones. Any avid Harry Potter reader will understand the need to have ~ all of the books ~ as shown when we all went mad and bought The Cursed Child script. This edition is bloody beautiful though and will look right at home on a HP bookcase.

9. Harry Potter Colouring Book, £5. Asda. Another gift I've personally received! My Mum got this for me last Christmas and I love it. It's a little bit more intricate than other pattern / animal illustration books and features a lot of screen shots from the films.

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  1. OMG I would be so happy receiving any of these! My birthday is at the beginning of December and I've asked my brother for the Fantastic Beasts Screenplay. The cover is just so gorgeous, and I LOVED the movie. How cool would it be to have a fandom bloggers meet-up where we play HP Trivial Pursuit? I'm so game.
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

  2. The chocolate frog scented candle sounds amazing and the Fantastic Beasts book is on my wish list as well :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Such a lovely selection! I definitely want to get my hands on the socks, I need something Ravenclaw-themed in my life! xx



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