The Sunday Post 15

Hihi! Happy Sunday!

Can we just appreciate the fact that this is one of two posts prepared to go live before Blogmas starts?! I have a post coming on Tuesday sharing a few of my new favourite blogs and then Thursday will have rolled around and it'll be December. Say whut.

one. I've been bed-bound for the entirety of this week with some kind of gross illness which hasn't been fun. I still have a few Christmas presents to buy plus wrapping paper, and I find that if I don't go outside at least once every day I tend to fall into a little anxiety pit, but I think I've been handling it pretty well. I've been keeping myself busy with blog things, but I've also been playing a lot of Sims 4.

two. So Blogmas is happening again this year! I mentioned it v briefly in my last Sunday Post but I'm feeling a little more confident about it now. I have posts planned for each day and in a weird way being ill has been kinda helpful as I'm waaaay more ahead that I'd originally hoped. I may or may not have 13 posts already written & ready to go...
three. The main heaviness of this week was caused on Wednesday night, though, as all three of our chickens died. (Fxck you Mr Fox.) Marvel was the last of our eight ex-battery hens and we adopted Penguin and Aztec from the school my Mum works at and we had them for around 2 and a half years in total. In fact, there's a rly rly old post here on What Lauren Did Today about Penguin and Aztec! They had lovely little lives and had the full run of our back garden to the point that I couldn't go out there during the Summer because Marvel would peck my feet, and my mum spoiled them rotten with cooked porridge during the winter and grapes on string during the Summer. Luke bought my Mum this beautiful crystal tree in memory of them and Mum said how wonderfully the amber-coloured crystal matched the colour of Marvel's feathers.
four. Finally, lots of new little things have been pouring into my life this week. My 2017 planner arrived in the post but it was damaged which put me in an anxiety bubble for a few hours for reasons. It's all been resolved now though and the company is sending me a replacement which I'm so grateful for. I also bought two of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams along with my Mum's main Christmas present, but I'll be reviewing them as part of Blogmas so I won't give you any more details for now ;) The final two things were gifts from Luke, just because. He bought himself another box of Pokémon cards and the most adorable pin came with it so he gave it to me. It's of the new Starters: Popplio, Litten and Rowlet and I love it! We have quite the collection of Pokémon pins now. He also got me this beautiful rose quartz pendant from a charity shop (!!) at the same time he bought my mum the crystal tree and I love it. Rose quartz is great for calming and healing which is perfect for me right now.

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How was your week? Are you attempting Blogmas too? Let me know bc I'd love to keep up with your posts, too.


  1. Love that necklace <3

  2. So sorry to hear about your chickens, so sad. The necklace is so pretty. I'm planning on doing Blogmas, hope I don't regret the pressure. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. Lovely points - can't wait to read your Blogmas posts and reviews! Shame about your illness and terrible to hear about your chickens! The tree is lovely and so sweet and well done for getting most of your Christmas shopping done, I've barely started!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  4. Your necklace is lovely, what a kind thing for Luke to do! I'm so sorry to hear about your hens and I wish you all the best :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. I'm going to participating in Blogmas as well! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time! ♥

  6. So sorry to hear about your chickens, that is so sad :( That crystal tree is pretty though, and so is your necklace. Good luck with Blogmas, rather you than me ;) Personally, Blogmas just is not for me! Christmas is stressful enough, in my life! x x


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