Bedroom Details #2

I'm so so pleased with how my bedroom has come together this year. I've replaced almost all of my old mis-matching wooden furniture for a bunch of white bookcases of various size, I've organised my books in a more practical yet visually appealing way and I've played around with displaying artwork and photos. The most recent change in my room has been the inclusion of this Ikea Billy bookcase, and today I thought I'd give you a lil tour.

This bookcase has replaced the one that used to house all of my books, as seen in my old Bookshelf Tour. After my books moved onto their new bookcase, I generally just used the old one for dumping a bunch of crap on and although this unit is still kinda used for that, I feel like it's a lot prettier to look at. But let's start at the top:
You may recognise some of the things I have sitting on top of this unit, as they were featured in my old desk tour. I have the fake orchids standing in an old Starbucks frappucino bottle and my candle stick holding a few pieces of jewellery, topped with a Yankee Candle. The photos I have tacked to the wall also used to be a part of my old photo wall, and I missed seeing them so I thought I'd put them back up. The acrylic lipstick holder was actually featured in my last 'Bedroom Details' post, only now it's looking a bit bare! I only own 6 cruelty-free lipsticks at the moment, but I'm hoping by the time I finish opening my advent calendar this unit will be a bit more full! Next to that I have an old tea cup and saucer full of lip balms. These lip balms aren't cruelty-free, which is why they're out on display so I remember to use them up! I also have my headphones wrapped around the tea cup. Finally, out of shot, I have my Harry Potter journal on the far left and my Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle on the far right.
I'm only going to show you this shelf of the unit as the others are full of boring things like notebooks and DVDs. So on this shelf I have all of my contemporary books, and a few of my boyfriend's graphic novels. I decided to move my contemporary books onto this shelf because 1. I thought it would look pretty and 2. this bookcase gets better light than the other one so I can use this one as a blog photo background. Blogger problems or what. As I don't own enough contemporaries to fill up the entire shelf, I decided to stack my 'currently reading' pile next to it.
I'm SO so happy with how this looks! I also love that the extra space on the contemporary shelf gives me an excuse to buy more books ;)


  1. It looks great! I love white furniture in a bedroom!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Looks lovely! My room is an absolute tip compared haha. Love your Audrey poster (she's such an idol of mine!) x


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