The Happy List #8

I've tried to write this post about twenty-million times (read: twice) so far, but the words just aren't flowing right. Apparently all my mind wants me to talk about is my mental health (which is crap) and Christmas (which is exciting) but there are lots of cute little things I want to remember so today, instead of titling this post 'Life Lately' like I was going to, I'm going to give you another Happy List! I know I only did one like two weeks ago, but what can I say? You can't have too much happiness, right?

1. Exchanging Christmas cards with Victoria. How sweet is this Christmas card that Victoria sent me? It's a pug in a jumper wearing glittery reindeer antlers! Seriously though, it made me so happy that  Victoria asked me if I'd like to exchange cards with her. It also meant that I had to go out and buy a Christmas card for the first time in my adult life!

2. Cute wrapping paper. I absolutely adore the wrapping paper I picked out this year. I was going to go for a classy silver and white kinda thang, but when I saw this paper patterned with little wintery houses I fell in love! And it's actually from Poundland, can you believe it? 3 rolls for £1, thank you very much.

3. Luna loves the Christmas tree. Luna was just a tiny kitten during Christmas last year, so she didn't really have a chance to destroy our Christmas tree. I was dreading putting it up because she loves playing with things that roll or bounce or swing and I knew as soon as she saw the baubles dangling she would swipe at them. Luckily I thought ahead and left a few stray baubles hiding around in the living room (under the sofa, behind the door etc) for her to play with so that she hopefully wouldn't feel the need to get one herself. It's been working so far, and I have to admit it is fun to play with the baubles with her. Plus she's just bloody cute isn't she?

4. The annual ornament rotation. As seen in this post, the only part of my bedroom that really gets festive (other than my bedding) is my little Ikea unit. During October I had a little ghost tealight holder standing next to my nail varnish collection. Now that it's December I have an adorable Christmas tree! I actually got this at Poundland the same time I bought my wrapping paper.

5. I MET A MUNCHKIN CAT. I'm trying my best not to squeal as I type this as I would probably alarm my brother, but OH MY GOD. On the Friday just gone I was feeling really crappy and anxious and generally sad, and was walking home from the supermarket with Luke when we came across this cat. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Ever. It was tiny with little stubby legs and a cute round face and just... oh God. It was so cute I can't even get out a coherent sentence. It's markings were so beautiful, too. And it was so playful and friendly, it walked right up to me and Luke and let us smooth it for a little while before it went over and started biting the neighbours shrubbery.

6. Advent calendars are the best. I am so glad I bought these advent calendars. I wasn't sure how wise it was at the time because I mean, they were pretty indulgent purchases (although they were both on offer, woo!) but the amount of happiness they have brought me makes it all worth it. Every morning as soon as my boyfriend finishes his first shift at work, he comes over and we play a Christmas song and open our advent calendars together. So far I've opened all of the things I was most excited about receiving! I will be doing a weekly blog post showing you guys what I got each day, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested!

7. My Luna. I took this photo a little while ago now, but I just really love it and wanted to include it in this post (:

8. Geeky confession time... the other day I did something I've wanted to do for a really long time. I'd been putting it off for ages because I was worried about what people would think of me and that they would make fun of me, but then I thought about how happy it could potentially make me and I decided to just do it. Are you ready? I created an Instagram account for my Animal Crossing town. I use it to share photos of my town, my house décor, my OOTD (looool) and all fun things like that because... well just because I want to, really. I don't think I'm ready to share my username just yet as I'm feeling quite vulnerable about it but who knows, maybe in a few weeks I'll feel more confident about it!

9. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. My family and I put up and decorated our Christmas tree on the 1st of December. I mean, they didn't really have much choice considering me & Luke got it all down from the attic whilst they were at work/school.. but still. Yay for our Christmas tree! Our theme this year is pink and silver, and my favourite decorations are the glittery snowflakes and the silver metal bells.

What things have made you happy recently? (:

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  1. Aww glad you liked your card! It's so nice to have been able to send you one. AND OMG, maybe this makes me really sad but I love Animal crossing too and would totally follow your Instagram account! x

  2. Such a lovely post :) We decorated our tree today and I am feeling so festive now! I can totally understand the problem with cats and trees, our cat has already started playing with the decorations... I might have to try your idea of putting a few around for him to play with! x

    Bethan Likes

  3. Woo I loved decorating the tree, it looks so lovely now! Totally agree about the advents too, I always feel a bit guilty but then appreciate it so much through the month! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  4. Oh that pug card! How adorable! I appreciate all the cat photos, I want to meet a munchkin cat! And I lost my animal crossing game on ds and was gutted!


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