20 Festive Blog Photo Props

It's always fun to accessorise blog photos with props that are relevant to the time of year, whether that's by using confetti hearts on Valentines Day or conkers during Autumn. I've been playing around with using different festive things when taking my Blogmas photos recently, so today I thought I'd share with you some festive prop ideas for your own Christmassy blog posts!

20 Festive Blog Photo Props
1. Glitter or sequins.
2. Tinsel.
3. Beads.
4. Fairy lights.
5. Your favourite decorations from the Christmas tree.
6. A red lipstick or nail varnish.
7. Your wrapping paper.
8. Ribbons and bows.
9. Cinnamon sticks.
10. A Christmassy Lush bath bomb.
11. Festive cookies you've baked.
12. A hot chocolate in a Santa mug.
13. Your favourite cosy blanket.
14. Glitzy, sparkly jewellery.
15. Christmassy plates or bowls.
16. A Christmas card you've received.
17. Gift tags.
18. Presents you've already wrapped.
19. Your advent calendar.
20. Mixed shelled nuts.

I hope that this was helpful! And I hope these things weren't all too obvious haha. Do you think you'll try any of these props in your own photos?

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  1. I realised the other day that I really don't have many Christmas-related items that I could use for props so this list is great! I'm definitely thinking about getting that tree plate!

  2. Great ideas, I don't think any of my photos have had christmassy decorations... I should really get on that!

    Bethan Likes

  3. What great ideas! I don't have very many christmassy props to use around here!

    Renee | Lose the Road

  4. These are great suggestions Thankyou! I will definitely be bookmarking this post for reference x


  5. I've been using our old Christmas decorations and tinsel for mine x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  6. Love all these ideas :)
    Will definitely be giving some of them a try for the remainder of December. :)


  7. woo this is perfect! christmas props make everything so much more festive!! xx


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