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I kind of regret not doing a November favourites at the beginning of this month, but I just couldn't get the items to photograph right. Plus I knew that I didn't want to do a December favourites because come January I try not to have any blog posts that relate back to the year that's just gone. It's probably really silly, but I just like the new year to be as fresh and new as possible! Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that instead of me doing two separate favourites, today I'm going to give you an edit of my current favourites. ARE YOU READY?

My first favourite is the Dusted Cocoa Heaven shower gel* from Treacle Moon. This shower gel genuinely smells like a bar of Dairy Milk, but it's completely vegan! I didn't get myself a chocolate advent calendar this year, so the only way to get my chocolate-y fix (other than raiding boxes upon boxes of Heroes for the Wispas, Twirls & Caramel Dairy Milks) has been to use this lovely shower gel whilst I'm in the bath. Not only does it smell delish, but it makes me skin soft, too. Next up we have the Makeup Revolution Nude nail varnish. I'm not entirely sure if you can buy this nail varnish, as I received it in my advent calendar but I really hope you can because I want to stock up on it! It's a really pretty pink-nude shade that flatters my pale skin so nicely. My final beauty favourite is the Library of Fragrance Pixie Dust perfume*. I have a whole review of this vegan perfume coming up, along with the two other scents that I'm so grateful to have been sent, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested. As you can imagine considering it's called Pixie Dust, it's a very girly, sweet scent. I've been wearing it every single day recently!
First up: my new blanket. I've been talking about getting a new blanket for absolutely ages because Luna has kind of claimed my other one and it's more grey than white now, and yesterday I fiiiinally got one. It's white with grey snowflakes and it the softest thing ever. There's nothing better than stepping out of a hot bath, getting into cosy pyjamas and wrapping yourself up in a fresh blanket! Of course I had to feature Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Don't I always talk about this game around this time of the year? I'm currently renovating my town so I've been putting in a lot of hours to save up some Bells. I've also got my little sister her own copy for Christmas, so I've been getting together a little care package of fruits and furniture and things to help get her started in her new town! Another thing I've been putting a lot of hours into recently is The Vampire Diaries. I'm not sure why I decided to start watching this again, but I just hit season three and I'm determined to push through seasons 4 & 5 so that Luke and I can watch season 6 together soon! Finally, another fictional vampire favourite: I'm still reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and I've been loving it.
I don't usually make an effort to feature the music I listen to on my blog (probably because I still listen to the same songs I did five years ago...) but I recently created a Christmas playlist and there are a few songs I've been playing on repeat recently. The first is Shake Up Christmas by Train. It's so uplifting and fun and instantly puts me in a good mood! The second is Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande. I used to love 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' but feel like I've heard it so many times that it's beginning to drive me insane. This song is the perfect replacement! This last one is a bit different.. I find that sometimes when I'm blogging, I want background noise but I find it distracting to have something playing where someone's talking/singing. So my go-to thing to listen to has been the 'Sound of the Shire' which is essentially a compilation of the instrumental songs that play in Lord of the Rings whilst they're in the Shire. The first song, 'Concerning Hobbits' is my absolute favourite and never fails to make me smile. Finally, I've been really enjoying watching Ackatf's Animal Crossing: New Leaf Lets Play. I know, I know - I'm totally dosed up on AC at the moment. I also started watching her Lets Play of Happy Home Designer and ended up asking for it for Christmas!


  1. Omg those AC videos... I just watched bits of the home designer ones and it looks so awesome! I only have a DS lite, and even then I've lost my AC game. Wish I had the 3DS so I could get some of the new ones though!
    And the sound of the shires is great. So great.

  2. Pixie Dust sounds like such a pretty scent, and I love the look of the nail polish, too! xx



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