Things I'd Like For Christmas 2015

Since I've been dishing out Christmas gift guides left, right and centre since the beginning of November, I figured that it was about time I showed you what I'd like to get for Christmas this year. Of course these are all material things, so my other personal Christmas wishes (such as happiness, love, health for my family and a roast dinner) are being hung on the Christmas tree instead. I haven't exactly asked anyone for any of these gifts (aside from one or two) and I genuinely don't mind if I don't get them. This is just what I'd like!

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £3.95, Lush. I'm just using this bath bomb as a representation for ALL of the Christmas bath bombs in Lush at the moment (aside from Cinders, eugh). My boyfriend's mum took me into Lush a few weeks ago and told me to pick the ones I'd like for Christmas and bought them on the spot, so I know that I'll be getting some but I treat Lush bath bombs like I treat Pokémon - gotta catch 'em all and all that.
12' Emolga Plush - £8.99, eBay. Speaking of Pokémon - how bloody cute is this Emolga plushie? I've wanted a Pokémon plush for ages and have settled on Emolga because 1. they're one of my favourites and 2. their colour scheme goes very nicely with my bedroom.
Lace Triangle Bra - £7, H&M. I'm not sure if this one is relevant to this wish-list because I know for a fact that my boyfriend has already got me this (I was there when he bought it) but I thought I'd include it anyway. I did a blog post a little while back about embracing my teeny-tiny boobs and I feel like this pretty bra would help me with that.
Twilight: 10th Anniversary Edition - £10.99, Waterstones. I am genuinely really excited to read this! For any of you who don't know - Stephanie Meyer re-wrote Twilight as if Bella were a guy and Edward was a girl and released it as part of the 10th anniversary edition of Twilight. I'm so interested to see how I feel about it all regarding the gender-swap.
The Comforter Bubble Bar - £4.95, Lush. I have been craving using The Comforter for literal months now, but I've been putting off buying it until Christmas as I know my boyfriend is planning on getting it for me! 
My Little Pony Fluffy Pyjama Set - £15, Primark. I'm not sure why but I'm really into vintage My Little Ponies at the moment. My sister watches the Equestria Girls film on Netflix all the time, so maybe that sparked my nostalgia or something. Either way, I'm in love with these super cosy pyjamas!
Black Lace Bra - £14, Topshop. Another lace triangle bra because I apparently can't resist them.
Katniss Everdeen 'Wedding Dress' Pop Vinyl - £9.99, Forbidden Planet. If I could only receive one of the gifts from this list this year, it would be this Pop. I have been waiting for them to release Hunger Games Pops for absolutely ages and now they have and I LOVE THEM. I literally want all of the Katniss ones, but this one is my favourite. If I get it, then she'll be standing next to my Daenerys Pop on my bookcase!
Looking back, I probably couldn't have chosen more contrasting things if I tried. On the one hand: black lacey bras, on the other: My Little Pony and Pokémon. Oh well.


  1. Ahh that Emolga plush! I have quite a few Pokemon plushies already but a Sylveon one is on my wishlist (: I haven't managed to find with the perfect eyes yet though!

  2. Love your wishlist, I'd be happy with anything you've picked. I need a Pokemon plushie in my life, an Eevee would be pretty cool (first gen Pokemon are my favorite). The twilight book sounds really interesting, maybe even a little bit weird. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. I love this list! I can't quite get over how cute their PJ's are x


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