Lush So White Bath Bomb


So White appears to be a real Cult Classic for Lush at Christmas Time, yet it's a bath bomb that I'd never tried before this year. I feel like the reason I never picked it up is because of it's innocent white exterior - it looks especially plain when stood next to something like Golden Wonder or Father Christmas. But I was determined to try all of the Christmassy bath bombs this year so I got Luke to grab me one whilst he was in town a few weeks ago.

I have to warn you - this bath bomb isn't the one for you if you're looking for a special, spectacular bath-time show. It does leave the bath a very pretty pale pink shade once it's completely dissolved, which I liked, but I do feel like the overall effect it had in the water was very weak. It wasn't even shimmery! It is a slow & frothy fizzer, so my bath water was topped with that beer-like foam that you know I don't particularly enjoy. I did find that the foam made my skin super soft, though. But, in my opinion, this bath bomb is definitely a treat for your nose rather than your eyes. It smells absolutely delicious. It has a very crisp apple scent, which I imagine is where they got the name 'So White' - inspired by Snow White and her poison apple. It definitely smells more like a red apple than a green apple - a green apple is much more sour imo - but it is really lovely.
I'd recommend this bath bomb if you're not a fan of Lush's more spectacular/glittery offerings, but are still looking for something that smells good. So White is £3.65 online and in-store. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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  1. I'm on of those weird people who isn't particularly a fan of the glitter bath bombs, unless it is the festive season of course! So white is one of my favourites as with a lot of bath bombs, they don't really give your skin that softness which is why I love butterball/butter bear even though yes, they are a bit boring in the bath hahaha! xx


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