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IT'S OFFICIALLY AUTUMN/WINTER. The Lush Christmas & Halloween range has been released! The range has been in the Lush Oxford Street store for a little while, but as of the 2nd of October, it's available in all Lush stores. I've been really ill for the past week or so, so I didn't actually manage to get to my local Lush on the release date, but I did yesterday! I also took a little trip into Waterstones and picked up a book for myself, as well as two Christmas presents.

Lush. I didn't go too crazy in Lush, but that's mostly because the entire Christmas range is on my Christmas wishlist... but I did pick up two bath bombs and one bubble bar. My bubble bar of choice is the Sparkly Pumpkin (£3.95), which is the only Halloween bubble bar this year. Does anyone else think that the Halloween range is really small this year? I wish they would have brought back the Northern Lights bath bomb! The Sparkly Pumpkin is absolutely adorable, though, and smells gorgeous. It's infused with lime and grapefruit oil which gives it a lovely fruity scent. But it's not like a vibrant, summer-time fruitiness. It's quite subdued and really warming. The two bath bombs I picked up are both from the Christmas range. Firstly I chose Star Dust (£2.95). Star Dust is a new bath bomb this year, and is so cute! It's a simple white star, and comes with the most gorgeous vanilla scent. Based on the ingredients list and the photos I've seen online, this little bath bomb has a pretty surprising centre! Finally I bought Yog Nog (£3.95). Last year I fell completely in love with the scent of the Yog Nog soap, but as I never use soap I didn't bother getting any. So when I saw they were bringing out a new bath bomb with the same scent, I knew it would be the first one I went for. I'm not even sure why I like it so much, as it's quite a spicy smell but it's also sweet and deliciously creamy.
Waterstones. Finally, finally I picked up Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill! I've been toying with the idea of getting it for absolutely ages, but I really feel in the mood for a dark dystopian at the moment so decided to grab it whilst I was in town. I also picked up a Christmas present for my boyfriend and one for my dad, but I'm not going to show them to you as they both read my blog!
What do you think of my purchases? Are there any specific Christmas/Halloween bath bombs or bubble bars on your wishlist? xx


  1. Oooh I need to get myself to Lush ASAP! I love their collections at this time of year. I read Only Ever Yours a couple of months ago and loved it, it's such a clever book and you'll get seriously sucked in xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. It is this time of year that I really miss having a bath in my flat! I want to try all these new Lush products so much, I might have to buy a bath bomb for when I stay at my parents next!
    Only Ever Yours is a great book, really cleverly written, I'm sure you'll love it. :) x

    Bethan Likes

  3. Aww hope you're feeling better lovely! x Yeah I wish the Halloween collection was bigger, such a shame it isn't. Also wish Northern Lights was back too, loved that last year. Yog Nog is one of my favourite bath bombs of the collection (I say that without even using it) just because the smell is simply gorgeous. I actually got the soap version in a Rudolph gift set last year so it's nice to get to try the bath bomb :) x

  4. I can't wait to go looking round their Christmas range next time I'm in town. I really want to try Yog Nog! I think i'll also grab a huge bottle of Snow Fairy whilst I still can.

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

  5. I've wanted to read Only Ever Yours for a while now, but I haven't had time to really get into a good book. Hopefully over break (in 2 months haha)! Lush is so cute, and perfect for pampering. Their packaging is to die for as well!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  6. Lovely selection, I'm saving the more seasonal picks until a little later in the year. It's a shame about the Halloween range, Northern Lights was such a good bath bomb. ‘Only Ever Yours’ is such a great book can't wait to see what you think. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  7. Only Ever Yours sounds so good! Have you read the Uglies series? The premise reminds me of those. Also I really want to try a Sparkly Pumpkin because they just looks so cute :)


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